What Makes Lake Buchanan Special

As you may already know, Willow Point Resort is located right on the shores of Lake Buchanan, a beautiful lake in Texas Hill Country. What you may not know is what makes Lake Buchanan special. Now we’ll readily admit that we’re a tad biased toward Lake Buchanan, but hear us out! Here’s Willow Point Resort’s list of what makes Lake Buchanan special.

It’s in Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country is a beautiful area containing Lake Buchanan, state parks, and lots of wildlife. It’s great for outdoorsy types who enjoy hiking, caving, and more. People flock to this area for the beauty and the many fun activities.

It’s got gorgeous log cabins

If you’re staying at one of Willow Point’s cabins on the lake, you already know that Lake Buchanan is the perfect place to stay in beautiful Texas log cabins. Our log cabins at Willow Point are hand-built and modernized, offering lots of space and beautiful views of Lake Buchanan.

It offers great fishing

If you love fishing, then Lake Buchanan is the place to be! The abundance of fish and great fishing locations is a big part of what makes Lake Buchanan special. We recommend renting one of our boats and going out on your own, or taking a guided fishing trip with one of our wonderful local guides.

You can go jet skiing on it

Willow Point Resort now offers jet ski rentals to visitors and guests, giving you a chance to zip along Lake Buchanan during your stay with us. It’s exhilarating and great way to observe all the natural beauty that’s such a big part of what makes Lake Buchanan special.

It’s peaceful

Like many lakes, Lake Buchanan is incredibly peaceful. People love escaping to our little lakeside retreat at Willow Point for this very reason. It gives guests a chance to kick back and relax awhile.

It has lots of wildlife

Lake Buchanan attracts lots of wildlife! Because of its location in Texas Hill Country and its peaceful atmosphere, lots of animals call Lake Buchanan home. Part of what makes Lake Buchanan special is that guests can watch wildlife here year-round.

No matter how you look at it, though, Lake Buchanan is a truly wonderful place. This gorgeous lake and the Texas Hill Country cabins along it are the perfect place for a relaxing vacation. So book your stay at Willow Point today and see for yourself what makes Lake Buchanan special!

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