Romantic Weekend Getaway: Tips to Plan the Perfect Romantic Escape!

Image of the exterior of one of our lake cabins in Texas at Willow Point Resort

With Valentine’s Day nearing, we decided to share some tips for those wanting to plan a romantic weekend getaway for their significant other.

Consider the following guidelines to help prepare for a romantic weekend getaway they’ll never forget!

    1. Tech-NO-logy

    If your spouse or significant other lives a fast-paced day-to-day, planning an unplugged romantic weekend with a slower itinerary may be just what their heart needs (without them even realizing it). 

    Our lake resort makes it easy for guests to disconnect from every day and soak in the peace and tranquility the natural lake setting provides. 

    Wherever you end up for your romantic weekend getaway, make disconnecting from technology a high priority to ensure maximum romance and intentional time together! 

    2. Go Remote 

    Leave your kiddos with the grandparents and head OUT of town! Trust us; it will make all the difference. You’re guaranteed to get bonus points on the romance scale when you get out of the hustle and bustle of city life. 

    One thing we hear time and time again from Willow Point guests is how much they love our location. It’s only a few hours away from several big Texas cities, but it feels like a lifetime away from everything! 

    Image of one of several vineyards in the Texas Hill Country

    The scenic drive through the Texas Hill Country will only add to the romantic ambiance of your weekend getaway.

    There’s just something about driving through those quaint Texas towns that transports you to a simpler and more romantic state of mind. 

    3. Plan to Do Nothing

    How often do we get to spend our days with nothing to do but relax and enjoy our significant other? No deadlines, coordinating carpool, game practices, or chore lists. Picture it: you, your spouse, a cozy spot, and an empty itinerary. Can you feel your body start to relax just thinking about it? 

    Here at Willow Point, we pride ourselves on giving couples zero to-dos during their time with us. Of course, there will be some decisions you have to make.

    Like, which nearby winery will you visit? Canoeing or kayaking? Chair on the porch or chair on the beach? Sunrise coffee or Sunset cocktail? However, with limited time constraints, and the tranquility of the lake environment around you, it takes the edge off having to make those (difficult) decisions. 

    Image of guests enjoying a romantic weekend getaway during Sunset at our Texas lake cabin rentals.

    4. Logistics and Planning

    This part is essential. After thoughtful consideration of your spouse’s “getaway” needs, take the time to research and make reservations! Plan for downtime, but be knowledgeable of the on-site and nearby activities available during your romantic weekend getaway. 

    Taking care of all the little details ahead will help with the flow and create more time for romance. 

    Let us know if you need suggestions for romantic things to do nearby! We are a family-owned resort and have lived in the area for almost two decades. We’d be happy to share our recommendations about local venues to help add a little more romance to your romantic weekend getaway.

    We’d also be glad to add special touches to your lake cabin to make your significant other feel extra special during their stay. 

    Image of couple standing on beachfront as the sun sets over the water.

    Valentine’s Day is a great time to do something more than a typical romantic dinner date. Treat the one you love to a romantic weekend getaway and reignite that love spark!

    The natural beauty of Willow Point’s serene lake setting makes romance happen seamlessly, but don’t take our word for it. 

    Plan a romantic weekend getaway at the lake and see why couples of all ages and romantic stages love our lakeside cabins!

    Make reservations online or by phone at (512) 793-5000. Feel free to contact us through email at or via our website’s contact form if you have any questions! 

    See you soon,
    Bryan & Gwen Carpenter

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