5 Benefits of Vacationing on the Lake

vacationing on the lake

At Willow Point Resort, we feel a little spoiled by how lucky we are to be located right on beautiful Lake Buchanan. And we love sharing this benefit with our many wonderful guests. But just to highlight our appreciation for how lucky we are to be here, we put together this list of 5 benefits of vacationing on the lake. We can’t wait for you to experience all of these benefits during your next stay with us!

  1. Fishing

One thing we absolutely love about being right on the shores of Lake Buchanan is being able to go fishing any time we want, and our guests love it too. There’s nothing quite like going fishing on an early spring morning in Texas Hill Country. There’s also nothing like reeling in your first catch of the day and deciding just how you want it cooked up for dinner. It’s just one of the many advantages that lakeshore living provides.

  1. Campfires

At Willow Point, we have dozens of fire pits where you can roast hot dogs and marshmallows and bond with your companions. And having a campfire on a lakeshore is truly something to behold. You get to hear the crackle of the fire and watch the sparks fly into the air and flicker out while listening to the quiet swish of the lake in the distance. You’ll never forget a lakeside campfire, especially if it’s at Willow Point Resort.

  1. Jet Skiing

If you haven’t experienced the thrill of riding a jet ski, then you’re missing out. It’s exhilarating and fun and all part of the experience of vacationing on the lake. It’s a great way to experience Lake Buchanan while having fun with friends or family.

  1. Boating

Boating is a little more tame than jet skiing, but still a fun activity, even if you aren’t fishing. We recommend packing a lunch and spending the day out on the glimmering water. When you’re drifting along Lake Buchanan, it feels like the world is standing still for you, if only temporarily. It has to be experienced to be believed, though!

  1. Wildlife

Last but not least, the wildlife along the lakefront is truly breathtaking. Look for deer, birds, bunnies, and any number of other critters that are drawn to the water just like we are. It allows you to truly feel like you’re a part of nature, instead of simply viewing it.

So you see there are many benefits of vacationing on the lake, but this is especially true if you’re vacationing at Willow Point Resort. Our prime location on Lake Buchanan and endless fun activities to choose from make us the best vacation spot in Texas Hill Country.

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