Facts About Fishing on Lake Buchanan

Willow Point in the winter

The lake has been rising with the warmer weather here at Willow Point Resort. And on that positive note, we’d like to talk a little bit about fishing out here. Fishing is a favorite pastime by many people, but fishing on Lake Buchanan is its own unique experience. See for yourself when you read these facts about fishing on Lake Buchanan.

Fish Species

There are several different species of fish found in Lake Buchanan, all of which you’ll have the opportunity to catch next time you’re out here. White and striped bass as well as catfish are abundant in Lake Buchanan, and these species are also pretty delicious to eat. There’s also a fair amount of largemouth bass, crappies, and sunfish.

Sometimes when the fish levels get low, the lake is restocked. So odds are always pretty good that you’ll catch something. No matter what species you end up catching though, or even if you don’t catch any at all, fishing on lake Buchanan is always an enjoyable, relaxing experience.


There’s a rocky area near Silver Creek where fish tend to seek cover. There are also some flat coves on the west side of the lake.

The area also has cedar-tree fish attractors added to it, which put at significant structure points like drop-offs, roadbeds, and humps. Bass, sunfish, and crappies use these as a hiding place and you can usually find them by way of GPS and be able to catch a fair amount of fish.

Fishing Tips

It’s easiest to catch largemouth bass in Lake Buchanan in spring and fall. White and striped bass begin spawning in February, making this the ideal time to catch them. In general, topwater fishing is best in spring and fall months.

You can find several different types of catfish throughout the lake. Flathead catfish prefer live bait whereas blues and channel catfish are drawn to stink baits and cut baits.

However you decide to enjoy fishing on Lake Buchanan though, we’re certain you won’t be disappointed. You don’t have to be an expert angler to catch a tasty fresh fish out here. All it takes is determination and a little patience. See for yourself by booking a stay at Willow Point Resort this spring!

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