Fun Summer Activities at Willow Point

fun summer activities - Hill Country vacation rental

Summer is in full swing here at Willow Point Resort and we couldn’t be happier about it. The water in Lake Buchanan is high and the surrounding area is humming with activity. No matter where you interests lie, staying at one of our Texas Hill Country cabins for your summer vacation is always a good idea. Plus there are lots of fun summer activities to do here at Willow Point!

Jet Skiing

We offer jet ski rentals to both visitors and guests here at Willow Point. It’s a fun way to get a thrill while getting to enjoy all the natural beauty of Lake Buchanan. So whether you’re staying for a week, a weekend, or just for the day, make sure to try out one of our gorgeous jet skis before you go. It’s one of our favorite summer activities and we’re sure it’ll be one of your as well!


Obviously Texas Hill Country is an incredible place to go hiking. Between its hilly terrain, fascinating caves, and abundant wildlife, you can’t not go hiking in Texas Hill Country! So check out one of the many hiking trails in the area while you stay with us this summer. We guarantee you’ll be amazed by all that this area has to offer in terms of beautiful scenery.


Whether you stay in one of our cabins by the pool, cabins by the lake, or the lake house, you’ll never be far from water! Take a dip in our sparkling swimming pool or jump right into Lake Buchanan. Either way, you’ll always have a fun way to cool off during your summer stay with us at Willow Point Resort.


There’s nothing like spending a lazy summer day out fishing in Lake Buchanan. It’s relaxing and fun, great for kids and adults alike! You can even catch something to fry up for dinner while you’re out there. Plus you’ll get to enjoy a breathtaking view of our gorgeous lake and Texas Hill Country while you’re out there.


Canoeing is a more active way to get to enjoy all those same advantages. It’s a great upper body workout and allows you to explore Lake Buchanan at your own speed. If you stay at one of our lakeside properties, you can use our canoes for free. So there’s really no excuse for not taking a canoe out on the lake at least once while you’re here.

These are just some of many fun summer activities you do at Willow Point Resort. The truth is, there’s simply never a dull moment here, regardless of the time of year. So book a Texas log cabin today by calling us right away!

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