5 Relaxing Things to Do at Lake Buchanan

relaxing things to do

Willow Point Resort isn’t just any set of cabins in Texas. It’s bustling with activity and fun things to do, from jet skiing to caving. Not everyone is here for the thrilling jet skis and rigorous hikes, though. That’s why we came up with this list of 5 relaxing things to do at Lake Buchanan, for those of you who are visiting us to unwind a bit this summer.

1. Walking in Texas Hill Country

You don’t have to go at a vigorous trek to walk through Texas Hill Country. Exploring the State Park Natural Area can actually be quite relaxing. There’s so much beautiful scenery to see, why not take your time going through it all?

2. Fishing on Lake Buchanan

Our guests love going on guided or independent fishing trips while they stay in one of our hill country cabins or our gorgeous Texas lake house. Fishing is one of the more productive relaxing things to do at Lake Buchanan because you can catch something to eat even as you’re drinking a beer and hanging out with friends on the water.

3. Swimming in the Pool or Lake

Jump into the beautiful glimmering lake or cool off in our gorgeous pool, depending on which set of our Texas log cabins you’re staying in. Either way, swimming can be very relaxing and meditative. Plus it’s perfect during Texas summers, when you want to cool off fast. Grab your swimsuit and hit the water at Willow Point!

4. Watching for Wildlife

If you follow any of our social media pages, you’re probably pretty well aware of the numerous forms of wildlife that we share our beautiful Texas Hill Country with. There are numerous types of birds, fish, and mammals to see on the shores of Lake Buchanan. So pull up a chair and enjoy the view!

5. Hanging Out by the Campfire

There’s nothing like a summer campfire outside one of our beautiful Texas log cabins. Tell stories, roast marshmallows, and enjoy the leaping flames during your next stay with us. It’s one of the most relaxing things to do here.

No matter how you choose to spend your time at Willow Point resort, it’s always enjoyable. So choose one these relaxing things to do or walk on the wilder side and rent one of our jet skis. Either way, make sure to book your stay at Will Point today, before we fill up for the summer!

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