5 Reasons to Take Your Family to Willow Point

your family

At Willow Point Resort, we love hosting families. We always look forward to summer, since that’s when people tend to take their kids on vacation. With all of the fun activities and the novelty of staying in Texas Hill Country cabins, Willow Point is the perfect place for families. In case you needed any more convincing though, we came up with this list of 5 reasons to take your family to Willow Point.

1. Hiking

There are few better things a parent can do for their kids than taking them on a hike in Texas Hill Country. It’s one of those places that you have to really go in and explore in order to fully appreciate its beauty. Everyone needs to hike in Texas Hill Country before they die, so be sure to take your family this summer!

2. Swimming

Whether you’re staying in one of our log cabins by the pool, cabins by the lake, or our large Texas lake house, you’ll always be within walking distance of water! So take a dip in our refreshing pool or brave the waters of beautiful Lake Buchanan. Either way, your kids will have a blast cooling off here at Willow Point.

3. Fishing

Rent one of our boats and take your kids out on their first Lake Buchanan fishing trip. Your family will love being out on this beautiful Texas Hill Country lake. They’ll especially love it when they catch their first fish! So grab a boat and hit the water with your kids this summer. Maybe you’ll catch something to fry up for dinner!

4. Jet Skiing

We offer jet ski rentals to visitors and guests here at Willow Point. And as you may know, kids love jet skis. So if you’ve got some tweens or teens, jet skiing on Lake Buchanan will be the highlight of their summer vacation.

5. Connecting

Lastly, a family vacation at Willow Point Resort ensures connecting on a deeper level. It’ll get you and your family to unplug and enjoy the beautiful Texas log cabins and fun lake activities. There’s no excuse to be glued to your phone in Texas Hill Country!

If you take your family to Willow Point this summer, we promise you’ll make memories, grow closer, and have the time of your lives. So book a stay at one of our beautiful, hand built log cabins today!

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