Romantic Things to Do at Willow Point

romantic getaways

Many people opt to stay in Lake Buchanan cabins for romantic getaways. It’s the perfect place for a honeymoon, anniversary, country wedding, or just a simple romantic escape. There are lots of romantic things to do at Willow Point, from long, leisurely walks to more adventurous pursuits. Here’s our list of romantic things to do at Willow Point for those of you planning romantic getaways!

Walks Along the Beach

If you’re staying in our Cabins on the Lake, you’ll be right next to Lake Buchanan and its beautiful, sandy beach. And what’s more romantic than taking an evening stroll on the beach? It’s something you can do every night when you stay with us at Willow Point!

Berry Picking

Sweet Berry Farm has seasonal berry picking, which means you and your significant other can have a pretty unique and memorable date of picking berries together when you stay with us. Plus, who doesn’t want to come home with fresh berries after one of their romantic getaways?

Touring a Winery

Wine is obviously the most romantic beverage, so we recommend touring a local winery during your stay at Willow Point. It makes for a great date, plus the wines themselves are delicious. This is fun even if you’re just visiting with friends!

Jet Skiing

We offer jet ski rentals to both visitors and guests here at Willow Point. So if you and your partner are the more adventurous type, then jet skiing is a must during your stay with us. Ultimately, it’s pretty romantic to be cuddled up together on a jet ski while exploring Lake Buchanan.

Hiking in Texas Hill Country

Hiking in Texas Hill Country is another fun activity during romantic getaways. It gives you the chance to experience Hill Country beauty, hand in hand. We can’t think of many things more romantic than that.

Fishing on Lake Buchanan

Try out one of several fishing guides listed on our Activities page, and pull in a haul of Lake Buchanan fish! It’ll give you the chance to relax on Lake Buchanan with your partner and maybe even bring home some dinner.

So you see our Lake Buchanan cabins are perfect for romantic getaways. Book your honeymoon, anniversary, country wedding, or romantic escape at Willow Point today!

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