Fun Activities for Kids in Texas Hill Country

activities for kids

Willow Point Resort and Texas Hill Country in general are popular destination for family vacations, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Kids love visiting Texas Hill Country, especially when they get to stay in log cabins right on Lake Buchanan. Hill country resorts like Willow Point are always a hit with kids, particularly because of all the fun things to do. Here are some fun activities for kids in Texas Hill Country.


Hiking in Texas Hill Country is a truly memorable experience. Kids love being able to see all the wildlife while exploring this breathtakingly beautiful part of the United States. It’s one of parents’ favorite activities for kids in Texas Hill Country since it wears them out!


Caving is a really unique way to explore hill country and kids love it! There’s just something inherently cool about swallowing your fears and going into the depths of cool cavern. It’s definitely one of the more adventurous activities for kids out here and its something you won’t find in many other parts of the country.

Boating or Jet Skiing

We offer boat and jet ski rentals here at Willow Point and kids absolutely love it. So be sure to go boating or jet skiing on Lake Buchanan next time you’re here and give your kids a fun time out on this beautiful lake. It’s a wonderful opportunity to bond with your family and one of the best outdoor activities for kids in Texas Hill Country.


You simply cannot take your kids on a lakeside vacation without taking them fishing. It’s one of those experiences that kids hang onto their whole lives and offers the perfect opportunity for some one-on-one time with your family members. Of all the fun activities for kids in Texas Hill Country, this one is closest to our hearts here at Willow Point, since we all remember our first childhood fishing trip! Check out our Activities page for a list of our favorite fishing guides.

Berry Picking

Lastly, next time you’re staying at one of the hill country resorts like Willow Point, be sure to take your kids berry picking. It’s a rewarding and timeless activity that both kids and parents love. It creates lasting memories and leads to some pretty delicious fresh fruit to munch on!

So do one or all of these fun activities for kids next time you’re in Texas Hill Country. But regardless of what you do while you’re here, be sure to book your hill country escape at Willow Point Resort, where you can stay in beautiful log cabins on Lake Buchanan.

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