Why Texas Hill Country is Wine Country

If you’ve stayed with us at Willow Point Resort, you already know that Texas Hill Country is something special. What you may not known that is that this section of Texas is actually known for its excellent wine growing region, leading to an abundance of excellent wineries and wine types. Here’s why Texas Hill Country is wine country.

In just the past decade, Texas Hill Country has evolved into a prominent wine region in the United States. It took wine enthusiasts by surprise to see a region outside of California or the Pacific Northwest to start producing excellent wines.

Texas Hill Country’s viticultural area (the technical term for wine growing region) spans over 15,000 square miles and contains over 40 local wineries! It’s impressive scale for such a comparatively new wine growing region.

Texas Hill Country is wine country done right. They take high quality grapes and produce excellent tasting wine, combining it with the southern hospitality that Texas is known for. This makes it a great place to road trip or just spend a weekend, whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a casual wine drinker.

It’s yet another reason that Willow Point Resort makes for the perfect romantic getaway. There’s nothing like taking your significant other on a tour of Texas Hill County wineries and partaking in delicious wine tastings together. It’s an ideal activity for any romantic getaway.

Better still, when you’re done tasting wines in Texas Hill Country, you can rest your head in a gorgeous log cabin on glimmering Lake Buchanan when you book a stay at Willow Point Resort. So take a tour of the new wine country: Texas Hill Country. And book your stay at Willow Point Resort today!

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