Texas Hill Country Event: Highland Lakes Challenge

Texas hill country

Started by an iconic swimming duo, the Highland Lakes Challenge has become the premier stage-race swimming event in the U.S., let alone Texas Hill Country. Widely recognized as the first of its kind, this 5 day stage race is truly an incredible event for people all around the world. At Willow Point Resort, we love this race because for starters, it literally starts in our backyard.

Here’s a little about the Texas Hill Country Event

Every year the race starts on our beautiful part of Texas Hill Country and we could not be more proud and excited each year the race begins. Not only is it an incredible opportunity to see such skilled athletes, it also makes us happy to see more people enjoying Lake Buchanan.

Did we mention the incredible duo that made all of this possible? Both extremely respected in their own right, husband and wife Sandy Neilson and Dr. Keith Hall started this event 11 years ago. Sandy Neilson is a triple gold medalist while Dr Keith Hall is a highly published and regarded sports psychologist.

The race itself is as unique as it is challenging. With 5 days of swimming in 5 different lakes, the Highland Lakes Challenge gives open water swimmers a chance to test their mental fortitude and athletic ability. This Texas Hill Country event offers spectators a chance to see something that most of the United States does not get to experience.

So if you find yourself wanting to take the plunge or send off the courageous bunch of swimmers, head over to Willow Point Resort for the start of the race. As always, we would like to thank the Highland Lakes Challenge for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of such a special swimming event!

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