Texas Hill Country Winery: Torr Na Lochs

Texas Hill Country Winery

Just a quick 10-minute drive from Willow Point Resort, and you’ll find yourself perched atop a truly unique Texas Hill Country winery. This would be the Torr Na Lochs Vineyard and Winery; a new but quickly emerging winery founded by partners Blake and Karen DeBerry.

After spending some time in Australia visiting one of their favorite wineries, they began to notice the striking similarities between their property and the winery they were at. For them, this sparked their idea to begin their own dream of opening up a vineyard and winery. After spending two years preparing the land, they planted their first 3 acres in spring of 2014, with the tasting room opening in September of 2015.

The name itself, as you might have noted, is not of the English language, but rather Gaelic. This came about during their time living in Scotland, thus naming their property Torr Na Lochs. The loose translation is “Hill Over Lakes,” fittingly for their property that overlooks Lake Buchanan and Inks Lake.

While this Texas Hill Country winery is now fully realized, it was not an easy start. Though the property itself was were ideal for growing wine, most of the ground was covered with solid granite. Through two laborious years of uncovering the granite to get to the fertile soil, they were able to finally make space. Thus their tagline “from rocks to wine” means much more than a catchy slogan.

Visiting this Texas Hill Country winery is to immerse yourself in everything the surrounding area embodies. From the sprawling hills spotted with blue lakes to the granite outcroppings speckled around their property, you get a sense of true Texan culture. Not to mention, all the wines produced were made from Texas grown fruit and nothing else. They wanted to capture the essence of what makes Texas wine so great and bottle it up for each visitor.

They currently grow Syrah, Malbec, and Petite Sirah, all of which were made using sustainable farming methods. This includes organic fertilizers and compost, and using ozonated water instead of pesticides. Torr Na Lochs even implements soil moisture sensors so as not to waste valuable water that could be used elsewhere.

Doing their part to maintain the integrity of their environment, Torr Na Lochs combines this effort with their ability to present you with incredibly delicious wine. This is surely a winning combination in our mind, and we encourage each guest we have to take advantage of this beautiful Texas Hill Country winery.

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