Why You Should Visit Willow Point in the Winter

Willow Point in the winter

We understand that summertime is always fun at Willow Point Resort. Everyone loves playing in the water and soaking in the warm Texas sun. Surprising to us, is that not so many people realize how incredible Willow Point in the winter is. While this forgotten season has flown under the radar until now, we’re putting a stop to that.

We want all of our guests to experience Willow Point in the winter at least once. Because of this, we’ve created a list of reasons to come visit. If it you’re still not convinced, then you might just have to come and find out in person.

Here’s why you should visit Willow Point in the Winter


Despite Lake Buchanan not being quite as enjoyable for swimming, that is not the case when it comes to fishing. Our fishing guides offer trips the entire year, and winter is certainly no exception. With less people on the lake, it creates more room for you to fish.

If you’re trying to truly take advantage of your fishing guide, the best time is when the lake isn’t heavily populated. This creates more fish to catch and time to enjoy the beautiful Lake Buchanan in a calm state.


With a beautiful setting like Texas Hill Country, just walking around is a treat. However, there are some incredible biking trails to take advantage of right near Willow Point Resort. We feel like if you’re an avid biker or simply a beginner, this is a great reason to visit Willow Point in the winter. With moderate temperatures, you won’t ever have to worry about getting overheated or too hot.


Similar to biking, golfing in the hot Texas summer can be unbearable. With no cool breeze or cool air, it can be more of a task and less enjoyment when you golf in the summer. If you stay at Willow Point in the winter, your golf experience will be far less extreme.

The cool air and moderate temperature is a golfers dream. We encourage our guests to get out there and enjoy the incredible courses around the Texas Hill Country area. Not to mention, with a decrease in people visiting, that also means a decrease in people on the course. This allows for a quicker and more carefree day of golf.

While there are many more reasons to visit Willow Point in the winter, we want you to come and discover those for yourself! So book your trip today for an unforgettable winter vacation.

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