Why People From Austin Love Willow Point

people from Austin love Willow Point

While people from all over the country have visited us at Willow Point, and we love each of our guests equally, we always see a large amount of people from Austin. It made us wonder, why do people from Austin love Willow Point?

For us, the answer is obvious. However, that’s primarily because we’re extremely biased, otherwise we wouldn’t want to be here. To the outside observer, it can be perplexing to understand why someone from a big city like Austin would head to little old Buchanan Dam.

Then we started to actually do a mental checklist of why people from Austin love Willow Point and we ended up being fairly convinced even a neutral 3rd party would agree with us. So for those of you who might be from Austin but have never visited Willow Point, we figured we would share what we thought the reasons might be.

Here’s why people from Austin love Willow Point

Small Town Calmness

When we say small, we truly mean small. While they might say everything’s bigger in Texas, they must’ve forgot about us here in Buchanan Dam. With a population of only 1,500 people, we’re not breaking an population records anytime soon.

Compare that Austin, a city of nearly 1 million people at 885,400. There’s probably 1,500 people on one block in Austin at any given time. While that makes for an exciting environment, we think it can get overwhelming at times.

We feel like people from Austin love Willow Point because of the calmness that encapsulates our property. Whereas Austin is constantly hectic and always on the move, Buchanan Dam is a more relaxed and has a slowed down way of life.

Sometimes getting away from the uptempo lifestyle is exactly what the doctor ordered. Being able to lounge and unwind next to the calming waters of Lake Buchanan is therapeutic in a way. The soft lapping of water hitting the shore or the laughs and chatter from family and friends is the perfect way to decompress.

Lake Life

We’re aware that Austin is not without water, but it’s a different atmosphere. With iconic landmarks like Lady Bird Lake, while beautiful to look at, are not the type to have BBQs and swim around in. You’d be hard-pressed to find a family outing on the edge of the water.

What makes Willow Point special is the proximity to Lake Buchanan and our cabins. Just a few steps away from your temporary home is this majestic lake. You have the ability to run right out in the water and go for the swim if you feel the urge. In the warm Texas Hill Country heat, that might actually be the best idea of the day.

As we said before, Lake Buchanan offers a serenity and calming vibe that can’t be replicated in a big city waterway. Not to be forgotten, your time at Willow Point doesn’t have to be all about relaxing either.

If you’re the type of person that unwinds by letting off a bunch of steam and energy, we have that in spades. Say you want to hop on a jet-ski and zoom around the lake, we can make that happen easily. Or say you want to take a ride on a fishing boat in pursuit of a large catch, that can also be arranged. We even give our guests the option of slicing through the water in a kayak if they so please.

Whether you can find this back in Austin or not, we like to think that guests continue to come back because of our hospitality as well. No matter who you are, we treat you like family at Willow Point. You’re our guest and because of that, we feel like it’s our job to be a great host and accommodate you in any way possible.

So no matter what reason people from Austin love Willow Point, we’re just happy you came!

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