3 Winter Travel Tips When Visiting Willow Point

If you’re traveling from in the state of Texas, you’re most likely more in tune with how to pack when visiting Willow Point Resort. For those of you traveling to Hill Country from out of the state, it can be a bit more difficult to pack and know what to expect. We always want our guests to be fully prepared for their vacation and have the ability to maximize each minute of their day. We hope our winter travel tips will be used to all people visiting.

Here are 3 winter travel trips you need to know

Wear Layers

For those out of staters, there’s a huge difference between Texas winter and northern winter. While the temperature may get a bit chilly at night, you’ll never have to worry about being snowed into your cabin. However, that doesn’t mean you should show up wearing only a tank top and shorts.

There are days when it can be in the 70s in the sun, but drop a significant amount in the shade. That’s why one of our winter travel tips is the wear layers. If you feel a little chilly, you can throw on a jacket. Conversely, if you start to get too hot, shed that coat and spot a t-shirt.

Pack For Different Conditions

pack suitcaseAs we stated above in the fluctuations in weather, Hill Country winters can vary quite a bit. One day it might be a pristine sunny day, the next day you might experience non-stop rain. Because of this eclectic weather, we encourage our guests to pack with several outfits in mind.

As always, it helps to check the weather right before you leave, but these conditions are prone to change at a moment’s notice. Make sure you are packing clothes that can be suited for different changes in the temperature and weather.

Research Winter Activities

We can’t stress this idea enough. Not only during winter but for every season you decide to visit. In order to have the best trip possible at Willow Point, you should be fully aware of what activities you can do when you visit.

For example, when visiting during the winter, understand that you will most likely not be taking a dip in Lake Buchanan. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on the lake! There are awesome fishing tours you can go on all year long to satisfy your nautical needs. Check out other blogs about what to do during certain seasons for the best gameplan possible.

So while you’re getting ready for your trip to Willow Point Resort, make sure you keep these winter travel tips in mind!

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