Best Texas Hill Country Wildflowers of 2017

Texas Hill Country Wild Flowers

We’re in the midsts of prime wildflower bloom right now in the Texas Hill Country. Typically the months of April, May, and June are your best bet to gaze as the blossoming sea of colors. At Willow Point Resort, we encourage each and every person to flower gaze during this floral boom. For those unsure of what the best wildflowers to gander at are, we’re here to help you out.

Here are some of our favorite Texas Hill Country Wildflowers


Image of bluebonnets in the Texas Hill Country. These iconic wildflowers bloom annually in the Spring.This may come as no surprise to most people, but bluebonnets are wildly popular around these parts. Especially around Lake Buchanan, fields of bluebonnets stake their claim throughout March and April. We often have guests travel from all over Texas and even the US to view these vibrant wildflowers. The only difficulty in seeing bluebonnets is determining where they will bloom. They’re fairly unpredictable and where there was a field of bluebonnets one year might not be the same the next.

Texas Indian Paintbrush

Image of a Texas Indian Paintbrush wildflower- Native to the Texas Hill CountryUnlike their blue counterpart, Texas Paintbrush wildflowers tend to be more predictable in their sprouting habits. You can be confident that where last year’s wildflowers bloomed will happen again this year. Often found side by side of bluebonnets, Texas Paintbrush flowers add a beautiful hue of red to contrast the sea of blue.

Indian Blankets

Image of Indian Blankets- Native Texas hill country wildflowersYou don’t even need to leave your car to see Indian Blanket wildflowers, as they tend to be found alongside Hill Country highways. Adding to the landscape, these gorgeous wildflowers provide a warm pink and yellow-tipped delight to your drive. They tend to blossom right after the bluebonnets and Texas Paintbrush flowers start to fade away for the year.


Image of a Greenthread. This is a native wildflower in the Texas Hill CountryJust as summer gets started, Greenthread wildflowers come out in full force in June. These Texas Hill Country wildflowers dominate the fields around Willow Point Resort, delivering more of the color wheel to compliment those blue Texas skies.


Image of Winecup flower- A native wildflower in the Texas hill countryThough small in singular size, these dazzling wildflowers pack quite the colorful punch. Winecups can be found throughout the Lake Buchanan expanse April through June for those eager to get some artsy Instagram pictures to post!

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