Holidays at the lake

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Away for the Holidays:
Make a Lake Getaway Your New Tradition

Home for the holidays? Not anymore! While staying close to home can be cozy, yuletide fun can still be had spending holidays at the lake! This is quickly becoming a new tradition for families everywhere. Today we explore why people are getting away from it all and spending their winter holidays at the lakes, and how to plan a getaway celebration of your own.

Get Away and Celebrate: Lakes Top the List

We couldn’t help but notice: more of our readers tell us they’re foregoing hectic home holidays for an out-of-town Christmas. Mountains or very warm areas are popular; so are some cities, which offer seasonal décor and a fast pace. However, when it comes to a winter holiday getaway, lakes are topping our readers’ lists for several reasons.

For one thing, while hot locales are traditional when we hear the word “vacation,” the pleasant breeze that can be found lakeside is more seasonal for most and makes for easygoing, dreamy days.  Being able to be outdoors or spread out in a series of cozy cabins also means larger gatherings are possible; it’s easier to get the entire crew (family and, if you wish, good friends) in one place for your seasonal celebration.

Lakes like Buchanan, with their amazing scenery, give guests plenty of “picture worthy” options to choose from: water-front sunsets, panoramic lake views or the sloping hills of the Texas Hill Country all offer photo ops for the perfect Christmas card picture.

The Lure (and Allure) of a Lake Getaway Christmas

“Home for the holidays” is a theme that’s rung in the collective consciousness for decades. Why, then, are more people cozying up in a locale far from home to ring in yuletide cheer?

Here are some GREAT reasons to pack up and have a merry holiday lakeside this year:

  • Vacation locales bring the fun to you. Many lakeside vacation spots, like ours, deliver fun options such as hikes, swimming, boating, fishing, jet-skiing, holiday special events and more. That means you don’t have to plan for a full day or more of entertainment for yourself and loved ones; it’s all right here at your fingertips!
  • Vacation should be just that – vacation. But an at-home holiday celebration usually means you’re cooking and cleaning. That’s all well and good until after the festivities when you just want to unwind. At our cabins, all you need to do after that last eggnog toast and Christmas carol is to spread out on a clean, comfy bed and relax.
  • If your home isn’t large enough to accommodate the very large gathering you’ve always dreamed of, our authentic log cabins offer the perfect alternative. And your guests will love their post-holiday evening digs as much as you love yours.
  • One word: FOOD! You may love to cook (so do we!) but worry that traveling away from home and your beloved kitchen means you won’t be able to cook up a Christmas feast for your friends and family. Have no fear! Our cabins come equipped with full-kitchens and a charcoal grill to cook up whatever you have in mind during your stay. This can really add a new (and exciting) element to your holiday. Whether you want to enjoy that Christmas ham or roll the dice and try a freshly caught bass for your holiday dinner, you can have it all here at Willow Point!

So, what are you waiting for?

The holidays are just around the corner – get in on the holiday-away trend and make this year the merriest ever here at Willow Point Resort!

Gwen and Bryan Carpenter


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Image of our lake beach taken at Willow Point Resort

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