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Featured image of our sandy beachfront at Willow Point Resort. Texas beach vacations are here at our Texas lake resort

Planning a Texas Beach Vacation?
Try Willow Point Resort!


Image of guests on sandy beach with their canoes, kayaks and paddle board rentals. Willow Point offers daily boat rentals exclusively for the use of our guests. Willow Point offers family-friendly lake cabin rentals. Best Texas beach vacations are here at our Texas Lake Resort.


Do you think “ocean” when you’re planning a Texas beach vacation? Well, think again! Recently, more and more vacationers are considering Texas lake beaches for that perfect day on the water.

In fact, each year Texas lake beaches are getting more visitors for fun, amenities and more. What’s behind this latest vacation trend? Let’s explore what’s so great about lake beaches – and why Texas is quickly becoming the nation’s hot spot for lake beach fun.

The Fun Factor: An Options List as Big as Texas

Naturally, it all starts here: your primary reason for taking a day trip (or longer) will be to relax and have fun…and lots of it. There are 6000 lakes in this gorgeous state, and more than 300 are classified as navigable, with a large percentage all set up for vacationers who enjoy a range of activities. (Guess what, our Lake Buchanan is one of them!)

For example, love to fish? (Us too!) This Texas beach is famous for the sport and welcomes fishermen and -women. (Be sure to bring your fishing license if you are 17 or over.) Lake Buchanan is ripe with striped and white bass, catfish and crappie this time of year.

For dive-in-and-swim fun, look for beaches (like the one at Willow Point) with a wide sand area so you can sit out and catch rays, then hop into the water to paddleboard, swim, jet-ski, or play volleyball on the shoreline. Willow Point offers daily boat rentals exclusively for the use of our guests!

You’ll also note that our spot has hiking trails, local Texas wineries, and cavern tours close by, so check these aspects out as well!

Surprise! It’s Safe And Clean, Too

One surprise gem to a Texas beach vacation is that these lake locales, like Buchanan, have an exceptional reputation for cleanliness and safety for adults and children alike. An important point is that Lakeside and on the water, there’s no risk of ocean-dwelling animals that can hinder or potentially do harm to swimmers. (A.K.A deadly sharks, stinging jellyfish, or pinching crabs)!

Recently, there were several reports released about high fecal-bacteria levels in nearby Texas Oceans. Although the Texas General Land Office regularly tests ocean waters for “acceptable standards” of Enterococcus bacteria levels, they do admit that “GLO does not test for any other bacteria, including the vulnificus bacteria (flesh-eating).” GLO advises Texas beachgoers to always be aware of bacteria levels when entering the water. Risks range from low to high and sometimes beaches must be closed if the bacteria levels are deemed “unsafe” for visitors. Many Texas beaches have permanent signs in place to keep beachgoers aware. YIKES!

The good news is, you can still experience the sand and sun without the worry of dangerous bacteria levels here at Willow Point! Because of the constant inflow of water from the river and dam, our lake water is always moving which keeps bacteria levels at a minimum — allowing guests to stay stress-free and enjoy the water!

Boating is easier too since you’re navigating smoother waters in an enclosed area. City lakes like Lake Travis and Austin might be this way too, (if they weren’t so darn crowded)!

Likewise, tubing and jet skiing can be a more predictable and smoother ride. Since our cabins are lakefront, you’ll be able to judge the conditions before you even step foot off your front porch in the morning.

Choosing Your Amenities

Because of their growing popularity, a large percentage of popular Texas lakes, like Buchanan, now offer amazing nearby food, accommodations, and local attractions.

Willow Point’s proximity to nearby Texas towns offers guests an array of locally owned restaurant options, wineries, as well as antique shops, boutiques, hiking trails, parks, and so much more! Guests have loads of options and can really tailor this aspect of their vacation to their specific tastes.

Our cozy cabin rentals sit directly on the sandy lake beachfront, giving guests unobstructed, panoramic views of iconic Lake Buchanan!

Hungry but don’t feel like driving anywhere during your Texas beach vacation? Understandable! Our lake cabin rentals feature a fully equipped kitchenette and private grill, so feel free to bring your own food and make your meals in the comfort of your private lakeside cabin!

Finding the Perfect Texas Lake Beach for Your Vacation

No doubt about it, Texas is BIG, and the eastern two-thirds of the state from north to the Gulf have lake beach options. You can narrow things down with an interactive lake beach vacation map. Once you know your basic area, you can narrow things down by amenities, sports and the type of hotel or cabin you’d like to stay in.

What makes Willow Point a destination for Texas natives in this very wide geographical area – is that our central location makes us an easily accessible drive-to option for a day trip or a longer stay. If you’re from out of state, plan a few days to a week (you’ll never want to go back!).

Whether you’re a native of this beautiful and varied state, a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, you’ll find food, friends, and fun on your Texas beach vacation at Willow Point Resort!

WARNING: Texas lake beach trips are addictive.
Once you’ve had a taste, you will be back for more!


Image of our younger guests enjoying some outdoor activities on the sandy beaches outside their lake cabin rentals in the Texas Hill Country. Willow Point is the best family friendly resort in Texas. Image of guests using our boat rentals during their stay at the best lake cabin rentals in Texas - Willow Point Resort. We are the best family friendly resort in Texas.








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