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Looking For The Best Texas Vacation Spots?

Head For the Lake – Here’s Why:

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Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of guests talk to us about what they thought were some of the best Texas Vacation Spots.

While far-away choices abound, many people balk at the high price tags of airline travel and package accommodations (and trust us, we get that). In addition, it can be tough to coordinate schedules for a long flight and far-away stay.

If you’re like most people, these considerations, and more figure into your vacation planning. Is there a solution?

Texas Lake Vacations: Close to Home, Far From Ordinary

YES – try a Texas lake vacation! Just a quick drive away, yet far from the ordinary, our Texas lake resort offers so many wonderful ways to make memories.

Today we’ll look at why Willow Point has become one of the most popular Texas vacation spots – for locals and visitors alike. We’ll also tell you a little more about gorgeous Lake Buchanan and why you should plan your next vacation here at Willow Point Resort.

Read on to discover everything there is to love about a Texas lake vacation, and why more families are deciding on this fun option that offers something for everyone.

Why Family Vacations are SO IMPORTANT!

Any family time can be deeply meaningful. So, you may be wondering: is it really so important to get away from it all with the family?

What we’ve seen from our guests is that its time away from the places you normally spend your day that gives these special times even more significance.

No matter how much you love your home and your city, a vacation spot gives you and your family a fresh perspective. In a new locale, you’re much more apt to focus on fun, relaxation and most importantly, one another.

Our happy guests find Texas lake vacation ideas to be just the ticket. Below are our guests’ top reasons for going this route. They may just match your mindset when planning that perfect week (or weekend) away.

What’s So Great About Texas Lakes? Everything!

Now that you know how important it is to get away from it all, why choose a Texas lake for your spot? Here are the top 5 reasons vacationers love Texas lakes:

  • Reduced travel time. Gorgeous, super-fun lakes, like Buchanan, may be as close as an hour away from home! That’s less wear and tear on your car, minimal gas money and fewer stops along the way.

  • Weekend trips are easy. If you don’t have a week blocked out for vacation time, you can find a Texas lake vacation provides you just enough fun for a nearby weekend getaway!

  • Your choice of locales. Texas has literally hundreds of lakes, reservoirs, and playas, many of which are vacation-ready with beautiful scenery and family-friendly accommodations, like Willow Point on Lake Buchanan – which is what makes us such an excellent choice for a Texas lake vacation.

  • While ocean beaches can be wonderful, as an enclosed body of water, lakes don’t have the same salt water-dwelling animals that beaches do. They also have an automatically limited space as far as how far out a boat can go, and they’re subject to less dangerous bacteria.

  • The Texas Hill Country is extremely popular because it has so many activities: hiking trails, boat cruises, fishing, lakeside relaxation, and more! There’s enough to accommodate everyone in your group. (To find out how to get started with your beautiful Lake Buchanan stay at Willow Point Resort, go here.)

What to Do In and On the Water

You may equate lakes with boating and fishing. Texas vacation lakes do have these – and so much more. Here are a few of our guest’s favorite things to do on and in the lake.

Image of sea doo jet ski rentals at our family friendly resort on Lake Buchanan

  • Jet-skiing: Even if you’ve never tried it before, jet-skiing is easy to pick up and amazingly fun for a thrilling and scenic ride across the lake

  • Kayaking and canoeing: These two traditional modes of lake transportation are relaxing and give you a wonderful view of your surrounds. Most Texas lake vacation spots will have rentals of these and other boats available – we offer daily rentals on-site for all our guests, but be sure to book your selections before arrival to guarantee you get the watercraft and time slots you want!

  • Tubing: Tubing is a super fun activity and works well in moving waters. We offer tubes for our boat rentals or, bring your own and just laze around and enjoy the day

  • Swimming: Have fun splashing in the water and soaking in the sun. The lake is just steps from your cabin rental, making it easy to jump right into the water!

What to Do On the Beach

It can be just as enjoyable to be near the water as in it – and it can be just as active, too! Do a little or a lot; relax or take up a sport. Here are some wonderful ways to take advantage of the sandy beaches around the lake. Image of guests floats and fishing poles on our lake beachfront

  • Fishing: Any Texan knows what a time-honored tradition fishing is! Lake Buchanan offers a variety of fish including striped, largemouth and smallmouth bass (and other varieties); catfish; walleye; bullfish; crappie; sunfish; trout; and more.

  • Sunbathing: Wear your sunscreen, but do take advantage of warm, sunny days’ lakeside as you enjoy the view.

  • Children’s activities: kids love splashing near the water; taking walks along the shoreline and tossing around a ball or Frisbee.

  • Barbecuing and Games: Whether it’s horseshoes, basketball, or volleyball; Willow Point has these and many other games to have fun and keep busy while lunch is grilling.

What to Do In the Surrounds

Most Texas lake resorts have plenty to do around the lake, shore and campground areas. Willow Point is no exception, try these activities during your stay:

  • Hiking: Because the scenery is relaxing and appealing, there are several trails and areas to walk around and explore the natural and man-made beauty of the Texas Hill Country.

  • Biking: Bring a bike and explore! Biking is often more fun with a group, so bring the whole family and check out the nearby trails for an exhilarating day full of fun and exploring!

  • Wine Tastings: This activity is fast becoming a staple here in the Texas Hill Country. We partnered up with Torr Na Lochs to offer Willow Point guests free wine tastings of some of the best in Hill Country wines. Their vineyard is just a short drive from our resort.

  • Antique Shopping: We are just a short drive from many historic Texas towns, like Llano, Burnet, and Marble Falls. All offer many unique antique shops with items you’d never find anywhere else!

A Lake Vacation to Remember: Willow Point Resort

We realize how important, and sometimes difficult, it can be finding one of the best Texas vacation spots for you and your group. We’re right there with you – everyone loves a scenic locale, fantastic amenities, and real value for your vacation budget.

That’s why we love Lake Buchanan and have made it our “home.” You’ll love visiting with us! Rent a cabin and stay the weekend or a week; it’s up to you and your vacation plans.

About Lake Buchanan:

Image of guests swimming under the falls on Lake Buchanan Beautiful, serene Lake Buchanan is nestled in the Texas Hill Country, west of Burnet. It was originally formed by the construction of the Buchanan Dam. The result was more than 22,000 square acres of surface water that people enjoy, year after year.

The lake was named after Rep. James P. Buchanan, who represented Texas’s 10th district from 1913-1937. It’s famous today for its extremely appealing recreational activities and is notable as a well-stocked fishing locale that includes striped, largemouth and white bass, among other species.

What You’ll Find at Willow Point Resort:

We’ve made it ALL easy for you! Be as low-key or active as you’d like with our awesome amenities. Here are a few of the highlights you can expect to find at one of the best Texas vacation spots: Willow Point Resort:

  • Throughout fun the Texas Hill Country, you’ll find an amazing array of activities, including river cruises, wine tastings, golf courses, guided fishing tours and zip lining.

  • At our resort, you can choose a modern, beautiful cabin just steps from the water, or your own private vacation oasis at our Lake House. Ask about rates and your accommodations.

  • We’re a popular spot for weddings and conferences – we can accommodate both large and small-size groups. Ask us today!

  • Our private sandy beachfront is the perfect place to relax or play.

  • Enjoy panoramic lake views while you jet-ski, kayak, paddle board, canoe and more.

  • Sign up for a beautiful boat cruise to the waterfalls – you can even take a swim under them!

Remember: your happiness is what we’re all about. Tell us what you love and we’ll help you plan the perfect weekend, week or longer. You’re going to love your stay and will see why Willow Point is considered one of the best Texas vacation spots around! For more information, contact us here.

Just For Fun: Try These Ideas and Make Memories

Here are a few more ideas our guests love so they can make (and record) wonderful memories at one of the best Texas vacation spots around!

  • Your cell phone probably has a camera, but for youngsters, take along mini disposable cameras. They’ll love snapping pics and making memories!

  • Make sure to take a group photo with your friends & family in front of our most scenic spots. It’s a fun way to end a day spent sunning, swimming. fishing and sailing.

  • Consider special events at a Texas lake locale. Anniversaries, birthdays, baby or bridal showers and of course, weddings will all be more wonderful when you add some lake fun!

Come & Experience the Lake Life For Yourself!

We could go on and on about why Willow Point is one of the best Texas vacation spots, but we’d rather YOU be the judge of that. Summer, of course, is ideal for getting in that quality family time, and we’d love the privilege of having you and yours stay at our Texas lake cabin rentals!

Questions? Contact us and let us tell you how to get started on a fun, memory-packed Texas lake vacation today!

See you soon,
Gwen & Bryan Carpenter

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