Romantic Weekend Getaways Happen at Willow Point Resort

Image of guests enjoying a romantic weekend getaway during Sunset at our Texas lake cabin rentals.

Why September Is A Great Time to Visit and Planning a Romantic Weekend Getaway Is Easy at Willow Point Resort.

The end of summer is looming, but you’re not quite ready to give up those long, warm days when bathing suits are the staple outfit and barbecues extend into the star filled nights. Or, maybe you’re in search of a place to bring your loved one and spend the last days of Summer sun enjoying a romantic weekend getaway together. We know the feeling. And what if we told you those relaxing, stress-free days don’t have to end just yet?

Fortuitously, September is one of the best times to visit Willow Point Resort. Not only does a September holiday grant you an excuse to elongate your summer vacations, but it allows you to enjoy all that Texas Hill Country has to offer under the ideal circumstances. Whether you’re in search of a quiet retreat or a romantic getaway near Austin, Willow Point Resort has got you covered.

So, what exactly makes Willow Point Resort so enticing in September?

Take Advantage of Lower Rates

Image of Sunset over Lake Buchanan. Perfect romantic weekend getaway near Austin.When you’re planning a vacation, it can often feel like you’re burning a hole in your pocket. However, there’s no need to shake your piggy bank dry when planning a trip in the off-season.

After the high demand of the summer months, rates decrease moving into Fall and Winter here at Willow Point Resort. Throughout September, October and November, our nightly rates drop and visitors get to enjoy all the lake has to offer at a discounted rate!

More so, Willow Point Resort offers discounts for people who subscribe to our Facebook page and email newsletter.

If traveling in the off-season means you don’t have to break the bank, enjoying that romantic weekend getaway just got a whole lot easier.

Avoid the Crowds

During the summer months, enjoying a lakeside vacation is a popular choice. While Willow Point Resort is small enough to avoid any irritating crowds all year long, traveling in the off-season guarantees certain special privileges.

Kids head back to school, parents have exhausted their vacation days, and your left to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Sign up for water activities without a waitlist

Willow Point Resort offers a handful of water activities to satisfy all your thrill-seeking needs. Guests can rent jet skis or boats for speedy escapades around the lake. Additionally, pick up some rental tubes to attach to the boat and bounce across the waves. Or, for those who prefer calmer forms of transportation, there is a selection of kayaks and canoes available for rent.

All these options grant you stunning views of the surroundings and different perspectives of Texas Hill Country. And when you book a trip in September, you won’t have to worry about limited availability.

Imagine rolling out of bed and fetching a kayak whenever your heart desires or opting for a spontaneous jet ski trip following a morning of sun bathing. No planning necessary.

Image of Life is Better at the Lake sign, Willow Point Resort Lake Cabin Rentals in Texas.

  • Enjoy beachfront activities without a crowd

At Willow Point Resort, guests can sunbathe, go fishing, and barbecue all on the beachfront. Naturally, these activities are all enhanced by the lack of crowds in the September season. No need to rush to claim the perfect fishing spot or fend off fellow bronzed beauties as you fight for the perfect tanning location. In the off season, there’s room for everyone!

The result is a relaxing oasis where guests can enjoy their hamburgers and cold beers in peace. Whatever your perfect idea of beachfront relaxation, Willow Point Resort can make it happen in September.

  • Hike, bike, and golf in solitude

Surrounding Willow Point Resort, you’ll find Texas Hill Country—a sweeping countryside of lakes, caverns, waterfalls and rolling green hills. This area is known as “the gateway to the American Southwest” for its biodiversity and geologic formations.

To fully appreciate the beauty of the natural surroundings, guests can hike and bike many trails surrounding Willow Point Resort.

With the calm atmosphere of the off-season, you can appreciate the nature in a state of peace and serenity. No crowded trails, no loud noises, and little to no waitlist for bike rentals.

More so, the Texas Hill Country is full of golf courses, and Willow Point is located near one of the best. Enjoy this leisure sport without the crowds in September when the days still feel long and the warm weather invites you to take your time.

  • Get a private wine tour

Image of Willow Point guests enjoying a wine tasting from nearby vineyward during their romantic weekend getaway.Or, close enough!

Texas Hill Country is famous for its wine. Since the local climate and soil are ideal for vineyards, the region has grown to be the largest viticulture area in the state and the second largest in the U.S. Therefore, it’s no surprise the area boasts more than 50 wineries!

Fortuitously, two of the region’s most popular wineries are located within minutes of Willow Point Resort. The resort staff can organize a guided wine tour where you’ll sip on local varieties and maybe even purchase a couple bottles to bring back to your private cabin.

Since September is off-season, you’ll likely take tours with smaller groups—making for a more personalized, intimate wine tasting experience. Be sure to visit our specials page. We have partnered with nearby winery, Torr Na Lochs, and are offering guests discounts on wine tastings during their visit.

  • Avoid tourists when exploring nearby towns

Not only is Willow Point Resort close to Austin, but it’s surrounded by a handful of charming little Texas towns. These quaint destinations offer an array of day and nighttime activities that are best enjoyed in the peace of the off-season.

A popular attraction is the variety of antique shops that populate the towns. Exploring these treasure troves is ideal in a calm environment without the crowds.

More so, two of the neighboring towns, Llano and Burnet, are renowned for their dining scene. People travel from all around the state and country to enjoy word-class Mexican cuisine, barbecue and traditional Texan dishes. To avoid long waiting lists or over crowded seating, September is the ideal time to travel.

  • Sign up for your top choice of adventure tour

Amongst the leisurely exploring and relaxation options, Willow Point Resort is nearby a handful of guided adventure tours.  Guests can sign up for zip lining, off-roading, trekking, and river cruises.

When you travel in September, you’ll enjoy smaller, more personalized tours. More so, you’ll have a greater chance of electing the most convenient time for your schedule.

Enjoy a Getaway Before the Holiday Chaos

Image of guests enjoying our romantic lake cabins in Texas are here at Willow Point ResortAs the seasons changes from Fall into Winter, the madness of holiday season unfolds. Thanksgiving and Christmas bring a packed social agenda, party planning, cooking, cleaning, and gift giving galore. Exciting, yes, but overwhelming and hectic!

The best way to prep for holiday chaos? Treat yourself to a relaxing getaway before the season begins.

Willow Point Resort was designed with your relaxing, romantic weekend getaway in mind. The following factors will leave your mind feeling refurbished and refreshed—ready to tackle the holiday madness!

  • Cabins are fully equipped for maximum relaxation

Each private lake cabin comes fitted with a full kitchen, a dishwasher, air conditioning/ heat, and a front porch with lake views. Out front, you’ll find a charcoal grill and picnic table.

With all these amenities, you’ll never have to leave your cabin if you don’t want to! We sometimes don’t see guests who plan their romantic weekend getaway at our lake resort until they check-out! It’s the ultimate relaxation treat. Calm your mind with a leisurely breakfast in bed followed by a quiet read on the front porch and a homemade dinner in the comfort of your own kitchen. Once the madness of holiday season begins, you’ll be missing the days without plans or obligations.

  • The private beachfront is for guests only

Willow Point Resort is located on the beautiful Buchanan Lake. The body of water extends over 22,000 square acres and is surrounded by sandy beaches, waterfalls, and stunning rock formations.

People travel from all over to enjoy the array of activities on Buchanan Lake. However, a stay at Willow Point Resort guarantees access to a private, guests only beach front. And when traveling in the off-season, you’ll enjoy even more privacy and tranquility.

  • Cabins were designed for privacy

When drawing up the plan for Willow Point Resort’s cabins, the designers wanted to create a layout where each cabin had fantastic lake views but maximum privacy. The resulting layout includes 11 log cabins within 25 feet of the water’s edge, positioned at such an angle that guests have limited views of their neighbors. The cabins are spread far enough apart that guests feel they’re in their own tranquil oasis, this only adds to the ambiance of your romantic weekend getaway.

After your in-laws move in for the holiday season, you’ll be dreaming back to these private evenings where the only commotion came from the waves lapping on the shore.

  • Enjoy full autonomy of your daily schedule

Throughout your stay at Willow Point Resort, no one creates your schedule except for you. And with September’s smaller guest list, you’ll have more freedom to rent equipment, sign up for tours, and make dinner reservations whenever you want—without having to plan around the crowds. All of these things are what make September the perfect time to make that romantic weekend getaway a reality.

November and December can often feel like a whirlwind that pulls you in a million directions—from your mom’s Sunday roast to your best friend’s cocktail party to your son’s cookie decorating festivity—will the chaos ever relent? During holiday season, it might not—even more reason to treat yourself to a relaxing, self-governed vacation or romantic weekend getaway while you can.

Dreaming About That Romantic Weekend Getaway Already? Here’s What You Need to Know 

Making a reservation with Willow Point Resort is as easy as calling (512) 793-5000 or booking online.

Make sure to follow our Facebook page and subscribe to our email newsletter to receive deals and hear about exciting updates.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
– Gwen & Bryan Carpenter



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