Texas in October — Fall Fun at Willow Point

6 Reasons to Visit Willow Point Resort This Fall

Texas in October: the air smells of spiced apple cider, your Grandma’s sweater is back in style, and canned pumpkin has disappeared from the grocery aisle. It can only mean one thing. Fall has arrived, and Texas fall festivals are in full-swing!

Some of you will need no more convincing than the two words “pumpkin patch” to book your fall vacation at Willow Point Resort, but for everyone else, we’ve compiled a more thorough list that captures the best of Texas in October. From the Texas fall festivals to the changing leaves, there’s a little something for everyone.

Might as well order yourself a pumpkin spice latte and start packing now; you’re guaranteed to appreciate the following six reasons to visit Willow Point Resort this fall.

Escape the city to enjoy the fall colors

Image of Texas in October. Best Texas fall festivals are near Willow Point Resort. No matter how hard you wish it, a city skyscraper will never transform from grey into warm hues of red and orange.

There’s something to be said about spending time in the outdoors when the warmth of autumn sets in. Here at Willow Point Resort, you can take advantage of a large array of activities to fully appreciate the changing foliage, Texas in October is truly a time unlike any other.

Our resort is close to miles and miles of both hiking and biking trails. Instead of walking down a cement sidewalk one fall afternoon, how about wandering through a canopy of sun-drenched oaks? Not to mention, who doesn’t love the crunching sound of stomping through big piles of freshly fallen leaves? As you meander through hilly trails, you’ll be treated to the brightest and most breathtaking array of fall colors in the state.

Willow Point Resort is close to several State Parks that are infamous for their fall colors. People travel from all around the state to catch these warm hues. Even more, our resort is just 20 minutes from Highway 16—one of the most scenic stretches of road in Texas. The highway is lined by towering oak trees, juniper, and stunning rock formations. There is no better time to drive this strip than in the middle of fall.

Visit the many Texas fall festivals

Image of Sweet Berry Farm sign. Texas Fall Festival located near Willow Point Lake ResortDawn your cutest overalls and head to one of the many Texas fall festivals in the Hill Country!

One of our absolute favorites is Sweet Berry Farm. Just 25 minutes down the road, this farm transforms into an autumn wonderland from September 22nd to November 4th every year. Visitors enjoy hayrides, corn mazes, pumpkin painting, scarecrow stuffing, face painting, horse rides, flower picking, sand art, rides on the barrel train, and…the biggest attraction of all…pumpkin picking!

It’s easy to spend an entire day here with the amount of activities on offer. Pack yourself a picnic and come ready to take lots of cliché fall pictures (it’s okay—we’re all doing it!).

Whether you use your pumpkin as a porch decoration, a jack-o-lantern, or the filling to your Thanksgiving pie, you won’t want to miss Sweet Berry Farm.

The festivities don’t end there, though. If you prefer a big pint of German beer over hayrides, there’s something for you too. Texas Hill Country is full of various events, from music festivals to craft beer events. Nearby town Fredericksburg organizes an Oktoberfest every season to celebrate German brews, food, music and activities. Kids will enjoy the Hauptstrasse Chicken Dance, a huge organized dance party, while older folk can partake in the 42 Tournament while sipping on lager.

Between the pumpkins and the pints, you’re guaranteed to find Texas fall festivals catered to you or your family.

Relax at the local wineries

Image of Torr Na Lochs winery in the Texas Hill Country. This is how you spend October in Texas.Willow Point Resort is nestled in between more than 50 vineyards, scattered throughout Texas Hill Country. This viticulture zone is one of the biggest in the country and produces some of the top brands of US wine. Naturally, you’ll want to check out some of these places during your stay. And what better time than Texas in October? When the grape vines transform into orange and yellow hues.

Experiencing the local vineyards in the fall is not only great for viewing the changing colors, but the weather is ideal for sipping on wine. Many of the nearby vineyards have outdoor patios where guests can enjoy a sampling of local varieties alongside appetizers and curated snacks. With the fall weather, you can comfortably sit outside and enjoy the sun setting behind the rows of colorful vines.

Just 10 minutes from Willow Point Resort, guests will find the Torr Na Lochs Vineyard and Winery. One of our personal favorites, this vineyard has a 6,500 square foot patio complete with a fire pit and benches where guests can peer over at grazing cattle, blue lakes, and plenty of colorful vegetation. Nibble on a cheese plate with a glass of Syrah in hand as you enjoy the crisp fall air. Have we convinced you yet?

Another one of our personal favorites is Fall Creek Vineyards, one of the founding families in the Texas wine industry. Not only does the vineyard offer similarly amazing views, but the 20-minute drive to the vineyard follows along part of Buchanan Lake and past changing autumn leaves.  It’s a trip not to be missed.

To round off the list of our favorite nearby wineries, Perissos Vineyards is also just 20 minutes down the road. While the winery offers cheese and fruit plates, they also allow visitors to pack their own picnics and take a seat at a picnic table on their shaded porch. With expansive views of the surroundings hills and trees, you’ll feel elated from more than just the Chardonnay.

Enjoy outdoor recreation without the heat

While we love a Texas summer, it’s much easier to spend a day in the lake than biking all day in the sweltering heat. Once October arrives, it’s time to get in line for those high intensity outdoor sports that would have you sweating and dehydrated in the middle of July. You can finally replace those sweat rags and portable mist fans with a camera and hiking stick because Texas in October provides much needed reprieve from our sweltering summers.

Luckily, Willow Point Resort is situated next to many hiking and biking trails. Nearly right outside our door you’ll find the Inks Lake State Park and after a short drive you’ll be at the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. Inks Lake State Park offers 9 miles of trails, volleyball courts, and plenty of spots to picnic in the mild temperatures. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is famous for its massive pink granite dome surrounded by 11 miles of hiking trails and rock-climbing zones.

Take advantage of the crisp fall air by trekking around Texas Hill Country’s most beautiful rock formations and waterfalls without breaking too much of a sweat.

Feast on some festive fall food

Finally, bikini season has ended! Time to feast on hearty casseroles and say YES to that extra slice of pie.

There’s no better place to enjoy the best of fall food than right here at Willow Point Resort. With our proximity to a handful of local markets and festivals, you’ll be able to find fresh, homemade baked goods, produce and warming cocktails quicker than the post-dessert-regret can set in.

Texas Hill Country is full of apple orchards. The climate and soil make it an ideal place for harvesting this fruit in the fall season. Whether you choose to enjoy your apples in their natural form or bake them into a warm, flakey pie is up to you. No judgement here.

The neighboring Sweet Berry Farm organizes a Pumpkin Grill every weekend throughout the fall season. Snacks include grilled corn, hot dogs, and PB&J sandwiches for the kids. The farm also makes homemade ice cream, jams, smoothies, lemonade and popsicles. Trying the pumpkin ice cream is a rite of passage into Texas in October!

More so, our cozy private cabins come equipped with a full kitchen and outdoor charcoal grill, meaning you can bring the pumpkins and apples home with you and whip up something special.

Texas in October = Campfire Season

Image of guests enjoying smores around a campfire. October in Texas is the ideal time for Texas Fall Festivals and Campfires.Sitting around a campfire with your favorite people, no matter the time of year, is an extraordinary experience. Ghosts stories, s’mores, plenty of laughs, and maybe even some guitar sing-alongs make this a necessary addition to your Willow Point Resort getaway.

As the night temperatures begin to cool with the changing of the seasons, the campfire becomes even more endearing. You’re huddled around the flames with your friends, not just for fun but also for comfort. No one wants to leave the fire as it promises both warmth and good stories! Texas in October is prime campfire season.

And of course, no campfire evening would be complete without stargazing. In the crisp night air, you’ll marvel at how the sky comes to life at night. With no big cities nearby, the stars are bold and bright.

At Willow Point Resort, we offer free firewood to fuel your campfire entertainment.

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Already fantasizing about pumpkin pie, fall festivals, and all the joy that Texas in October brings? We don’t blame you! To book your private cabin or a room in The Lake House, give us a call at (512) 793-5000 or book online.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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