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Christmas Gift Shopping for a Texas Gift Baskets in the Texas Hill Country

Pine trees have replaced pumpkins, and Jingle Bells hums from the radio. At last, the most wonderful time of the year has almost arrived! And with it, the season of gift giving.

The Texas Hill Country transforms into a magical wonderland around the holiday season. From Christmas parades to light shows, its small towns offer an array of seasonal activities. And for the holiday shoppers, the boutique stores stock their shelves with Christmas gifts.

Giving is one of the most rewarding parts of the holiday season. However, choosing the perfect gift can be an overwhelming task.

So why choose just one? The easiest way to gift a thoughtful present, but avoid making the wrong choice, is to assemble homemade Texas gift baskets, filled with a selection of treats.

To help you craft the perfect gift basket, we’ve compiled the necessary steps for assembling and filling your very own basket.

But before you can begin assembling, you’ll need to know exactly what to put in the basket. If you associate holiday shopping with traffic and long checkout lines, fear no more! The best place to do your holiday gift shopping this season is in the Texas Hill Country. You’ll love the selection of boutique stores and the escape from the city’s crowds. Combined with the festive decor of the season, the shopping experience in the Texas Hill Country becomes another holiday treat, not a chore.

Whether you live nearby or you’re planning a vacation at Willow Point Resort, a trip to Texas Hill Country’s quaint towns during Christmas season is a must. And to help you discover holiday gift basket ideas, we’re sharing our favorite places to shop during the Christmas season.  

Where to Shop for Christmas Gifts in the Texas Hill Country

Llano, Texas

Just a twenty-minute drive from Buchanan Dam, Llano is one of the closest towns to Willow Point Resort. Situated on the Llano River, in the heart of Texas wine country, the small town is a popular destination for its international cuisine, natural parks, vineyards, and holiday events.

Starry Starry Nights is the big Christmas festival that happens throughout November and December in Llano. Visitors enjoy a lighted Christmas parade with thousands of holiday colors sparkling on the river water. While sipping on hot chocolate, you can peruse the many local shops that make Llano so charming. A couple of our favorites are A & A’s Fantasy Floral & Gifts, Hometown Floral & More, and Antiques, Books, & Art. For more information, visit Starry Starry Night’s website here.

Burnet, Texas

Also just a twenty-minute drive from Willow Point Resort, Burnet hosts the Christmas Trail of Lights and Burnet Christmas on the Square every winter. Visitors walk under canopies of twinkling lights from the courthouse square to Hamilton Creek Park and finally ending at Wallace Riddell Park. In the central square, you’ll find various arts and crafts booths to help with your holiday Texas gift baskets  plus Christmas-themed live entertainment. For more information on Burnet’s winter festivals, visit their events page here.

Marble Falls, Texas

Quaint buildings filled with clothing, antiques, jewelry, artisan food, and so much more fill Marble Falls’ picturesque streets. The town is renowned for its beauty, complete with waterways and rolling hills. And to make it all the more inviting, Marble Falls transforms into a winter utopia throughout December, boasting a packed schedule of holiday markets and light shows.

For your holiday shopping, check out Christmas Market Main, an annual market with handmade crafts, collectibles, and other gifts with a holiday spin. You’ll quickly find quirky and personalized presents to fill multiple Texas gift baskets. More so, Marble Falls organizes Walkway of Lights from November 16th to December 26th every year. The Christmas trail with over two million lights is accompanied by a parade, Santa Claus, and plenty of local shops to complete your holiday shopping.  To find the exact dates for Marble Falls’ holiday festivals, check out their event schedule here.

We also love Marble Fall’s monthly First Friday Art Walk. To take advantage of the Christmas shopping opportunity, join the community on Friday, December 7th to browse a selection of art galleries and shops.

Fredericksburg, Texas

Over 160 years old, Fredericksburg is known as Texas Hill Country’s German community. Visitors can feel the German influence in the town’s architecture, music, breweries, and shopping. However, there is no better time to experience this small town than during the winter holidays. Recreating the German’s love for Christmas traditions, Fredericksburg comes alive with a 30-foot Christmas tree, 26-foot German Christmas pyramid, ice skating rink, holiday wine trail, and plenty of shopping.

Marktplatz is the center of the holiday action. With over 150 shops, art galleries, and boutiques, you’re guaranteed to find plenty of holiday gift basket ideas for your friends and family. Surrounded by the Regional Christmas Lighting Trail and live German Christmas music, you’ll vow to never brave the crowds in a packed shopping mall again.

One of the best times to visit is during Fredericksburg Trade Days. Over 400 vendors across seven barns display their crafts and collectibles for holiday shoppers. There’s also a Biergarten where visitors can relax with a refreshing pint of beer and live Christmas music in the background. To find Fredericksburg’s full holiday schedule, visit their website here.

Choosing the Best Presents for Your Texas Gift Baskets 

Now you know where to go, but what exactly should you buy for your Texas gift baskets?

It’s important to think about your recipient(s). If they love sweets, make sure to buy a selection of homemade Texas Hill Country candies and baked goods. The local towns offer a selection of artisan bakeries and candy shops with fresh desserts, made in-house daily. In nearby Llano, we love Chrissy’s Homestyle Bakery and Cowboy Fudge and Candy Shop. Don’t miss out on the Copper Kettle Fudge! If doing your shopping in nearby Burnet, we recommend Lil’ Sugar Shack or Tiny Pies for the perfect artisan desserts and candies to fit in a gift basket.

If your recipient loves small-batch, local beverages, then you can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine or craft beer from the surrounding area. In the heart of Texas wine country, Willow Point Resort is a short drive from Torr Na Lochs, Fall Creek Vineyards, and Perissos Vineyards. You’ll also find over 15 craft breweries throughout the Texas Hill Country.

And of course, great Texas gift baskets will include the classics. Throughout Texas Hill Country’s boutique stores, you’ll find:

  • Specialty foods

  • Homemade soaps

  • Ornaments

  • Candles

  • Vintage antiques

  • Holiday socks, hats, and scarves

  • And so much more!

After you’ve perused all the local Texas Hill Country markets and stocked up on physical gifts, there’s still one important present to add to your holiday Texas gift baskets. As much as we love a rich piece of chocolate or bottle of rosé from Texas Wine Country, there’s no better present than the gifting of an experience. Buy your loved ones a gift certificate to Willow Point Resort to reward them with the best present of all, a relaxing vacation.

On a 22,000-acre body of water, surrounded by natural parks, Willow Point Resort is a peaceful oasis with an abundance of outdoor activities. A gift certificate is a perfect way to thank someone for being a fantastic friend, husband, wife, son, daughter- you name it! Not to mention, your friend or family member will need the perfect backdrop to enjoy all the other goodies you’ve fit into the gift basket. There’s no better place to enjoy a homemade treat or glass of wine than on a lake beach during sunset.

Texas Holiday Gift Baskets How-To

So, you’ve collected all the treats to fit inside your Texas gift baskets. Now, it’s time to assemble. Luckily, it’s a natural process that you can do on your own- no assistance needed! Just follow our directions for crafting the perfect homemade Texas gift baskets.

  1. Choose a container that fits the holiday theme. This could be a red and green basket, a giant stocking, or even a lake-themed box to match the Willow Point Resort gift certificate.

  2. Cover the base of your container with tissue paper- Christmas colors of course!

  3. Put the largest item in the middle of the container and begin to fill in the rest of the space with the other gifts. The smallest items should be in the front so that nothing is hidden.

  4. Make sure all the labels are facing outwards, so the recipient can see what each gift is without unwrapping the basket.

  5. Use soft items, such as clothing or towels, to fill in any gaps.

  6. Once all the items have been placed in the container, lay down a large piece of cellophane. Place the container in the middle of the cellophane and pull each end towards the top of the container. The entire basket should be covered by cellophane, without any holes.

  7. Using ribbon, tie the cellophane together above the container. It helps to twist the cellophane before tying the bow, so it’s nice and tight.

  8. Use scissors to chop off any extra ribbon and make the sides even.

  9. Voila! The perfect Texas gift basket is complete.

Spend the Holiday Season at Willow Point Resort.

If you want to be in the middle of the holiday action, then book a private cabin or room with us here at Willow Point Resort! You’ll be just a short drive from all the Christmas festivities, and better yet, a long way from the holiday city crowds.

Give us a call at (512) 793-5000 or use our online booking system to reserve your spot this holiday season.


We look forward to seeing you.
Gwen & Bryan Carpenter

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