6 Tips for Planning Your Best Texas Summer Vacation

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Sweaters getting tucked away, kids counting down to the last day of school, and grills getting fired up can only mean one thing. Summer is almost here! And now is the time to get serious about planning your annual Texas Summer vacation.

We know planning family vacations aren’t always a walk in the park. From choosing a destination to planning the logistics to ensuring every family member is having a good time, it can sometimes be difficult to actually relax and enjoy it all.

That’s why we’re dishing out some of our top tips for planning your best Texas summer vacation yet! Whether you’re still working out the details or haven’t started planning, here are a few things you can do to make this year’s trip one to remember.

1. Choose the Right Destination

When it comes to choosing a destination for your Texas summer vacation, there’s no shortage of options. From the Texas Hill Country to the beaches, choosing where to go means that you first have to decide the type of vacation you want.

Are you looking to take it slow or are you hoping for a little adventure? Understanding what you want to get out of your vacation will help you find the right destination for you and your family.

Still unsure of where to go for your Texas summer vacation? Willow Point’s Texas Hill Country cabins are the perfect place for your summer getaway. Resting on the shores of Lake Buchanan, Willow Point Resort is an ideal location for your family-friendly trip.

Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun or seeking a bit of outdoor fun, our lake resort provides the best of both worlds.

Just steps from the water, Willow Point’s eleven lakeside cabins are well-suited for families. Each cabin fits up to six people and includes all the essentials for your time away from home.

All lake cabin rentals come equipped with a full kitchen, dishwasher, private outdoor grill, and picnic table. The best part? Each has its own front porch with unbeatable panoramic lake views.

2. Get Prepared

Picture this. You walk out your door, throw your bags in the car, and are on your way to vacation bliss, that is, until about an hour later when you suddenly realize you forgot to pack your bathing suit. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there.

To avoid an all-too-familiar situation like this, it’s essential to get prepared ahead of time. That means getting organized before you walk out the door. We suggest printing out or compiling all the information for your trip into a Google doc. You should include information like:

  • Your booking confirmation number, the address, contact info, and check-in and check-out times for your accommodation
  • Your itinerary (when and where you plan to travel)
  • Confirmations for any excursions you have planned
  • Reminders for any restaurant or other reservations you might have

Another great way to avoid any forgetful mishaps (like leaving your bathing suit at home) is to create a packing list. You may remember to pack your phone charger now, but when you’re running around trying to get the house cleaned and the kids ready, you’re way more likely to forget it.

Making a packing list is essential. Even though you can buy most items when you get to your final destination, there are some things you can’t (plus, it’s just another thing to worry about when you should be relaxing).

Your packing list should include items like:

  • Electronics (phone, computer) and chargers
  • Toiletries
  • Vitamins and any medications
  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Proper footwear

By preparing yourself and your family ahead of time, you’ll be on your way to a less stressful and more relaxing vacation.

3. Travel with Ease

Texas Summer vacations are the best. But the process of getting there is sometimes another story, particularly when it comes to traveling with kids. Between bathroom breaks and the constant “are we there yet?” questions, long car rides can quickly become draining. Luckily, we have a few tips and tricks for keeping the kids happy while you get to where you need to go.

  • Pack Snacks Packing snacks for the car ride is a must! Not only will you keep their stomachs happy. But snacking will help to keep your kids occupied (and help you avoid unnecessary pit stops). Some of our favorites are PB&J sandwiches, fruit and nut mixes, and cereal bars.
  • Take Breaks Try to plan for stops ahead of time. Be sure to build in extra time, but remember to have realistic expectations. Planning stops along the way may help alleviate some stress, but unexpected bathroom breaks are pretty much inevitable when traveling with kids.
  • Entertain Them Sitting in the car for a long time can lead to boredom. Make sure you have ideas to keep them busy! Check out some of our favorite car games below to make the trip fun for everyone.
  1. Mad Libs are always a hilarious fan favorite.
  2. Guess the ________ (20 Questions) is another good one. (Pick things your kids like: Superhero’s, Animals, TV Characters, etc.) One person chooses and everyone takes turn asking questions. You can limit questions to yes/no or whatever works for your family!
  3. “Tune Trio” Try singing The ABC song, Baa Baa Black sheep and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star at the same time! When you split up into singing all 3 at once, see if the whole family can stay together. 
    How to kick things off:
    – Assign the songs before you start: Ex. Kid 1 and Kid 2 have the ABC song, Mom has Twinkle, Twinkle, and Dad does Baa Baa Black Sheep. Start by singing altogether.
    – 1st Round: The ABC Song – (everyone sings)
    – 2nd Round: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (everyone sings)
    – 3rd Round: Baa Baa Black Sheep – (everyone sings)
    – 4th Round: split into your pre-assigned parts. We guarantee your entire car will be cracking up!
  4. The Memory Game – “I’m going on a road trip, and I’m going to pack…” Each family member takes turns saying what they’ll take while repeating each earlier response.
Image of guests enjoying a card game in the lake at the best cabin rentals in Texas - Willow Point Resort has the best family friendly cabin rentals in Texas Hill Country.

4. Beat the Heat

If you’re from Texas, it will be no surprise to you that it gets HOT in the Summer. Not only does the temperature regularly hit 100+, but the sun here is strong (really strong). Trust us when we say, it’s critical to protect your skin and stay hydrated.

Applying sunscreen is a no-brainer, but our biggest advice? Reapply, reapply, reapply! This is especially important when you’re out in the sun for extended periods of time. Trust us, you don’t want to learn the hard way (we’ve all been there). Speaking of heat, the sun also takes a lot out of you. Staying hydrated, even if you don’t feel dehydrated, is imperative. Always have water on hand and be sure to drink it throughout the day.

And if you’re really not feeling the summer heat, don’t feel bad if you need to take a break from the outdoors. Cool off in your air-conditioned cabin, take a break in our clubhouse, or relax in the shade of your lake cabin porch.

longhorn cavern- spring in texas hill country

5. Explore Your Surroundings

Surrounded by natural beauty, a stay at Willow Point Resort means you have the Texas Hill Country at your fingertips. From hiking to fishing, there’s plenty of nature to explore during your Texas summer vacation. With numerous state parks in the region, it’s easy to get off the grid and reacquaint yourself with the great outdoors. Some of our favorites include nearby Inks Lake State Park and Longhorn Cavern State Park where you can spend an afternoon at a popular swimming hole or take a guided cave tour.

Another favorite activity among Willow Point vacationers is a day of fishing on the lake. Lake Buchanan is a popular fishing spot, well-known for its striped bass fishing. There are plenty of wonderful fishing pros in the area who will take you out on their boat and provide all the necessary equipment.

Just remember, any person over 17 years old is required to have a valid fishing license with the state of Texas.

Image of guests under the Willow tree at our lakeside property on Lake Buchanan in the Texas Hill Country - Best lake cabins in Texas

6. Relax and Enjoy Yourself

Most importantly though, remember what your vacation is all about – slowing down, enjoying life, and spending quality time with your loved ones. If things don’t quite go according to plan, let it be, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Stay flexible and don’t forget to be present. Whether your sunbathing by the lake or hiking through the hills, allow yourself to enjoy each moment.

Still searching for the perfect destination for your Texas summer vacation? Let Willow Point be your home away from home. Our Texas Hill Country cabins are booking up quickly. Enjoy a lakeside family vacation by booking your cabin today. Try our live online booking system, Give us a call at 512-793-5000.


  1. James Payton

    Are there any military discounts at this resort?

    • Gwen Carpenter

      Hi, James! The owners offer a year-round 10% discount for all active and retired military. You will need to contact the resort to have the discount applied to your reservation. Please call 512-793-5000 between 8-6 CST or email info@willowpointresort.com with your name and reservation info.

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