Spending Quality Time at Willow Point’s Lake Buchanan Cabins

Image of Willow Point Resort's waterfront Lake Cabins in Texas

In a world full of technology, making time for family is more important than ever. Recent studies have shown that children in the U.S. spend more than six hours daily on digital entertainment. This significant amount of time spent with technology leads to physical, psychological, and behavioral issues for kids and is apparent in school and their relationships. As parents, one of the best things we can do to combat the harmful effects of technology is to encourage our kids to get active. Engage in free-play. Interact with nature, and most of all, spend time with family.

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Fortunately, this is what we’re all about at Willow Point Resort. From hiking to fishing, many ways exist to escape technology and reconnect with your loved ones.

We love families staying at our Lake Buchanan cabins for summer vacations or weekend getaways. And as it turns out, quality family time provides lasting benefits to children.

The Benefits of Quality Family Time

Curbs Boredom

Image of Guest at Willow Point enjoying lake buchanan right out the front doors of their Texas Hill Country Cabins

“I’m bored…” Every parent has heard these two words muttered before. And as much as we love Summer, keeping the kids entertained is not always easy. Unfortunately, in our very connected world, we often throw technology at the problem, but this presents quite a few challenges for kids as they grow older. Kids who get what they want, when they want it are more likely to have a hard time when things don’t go their way, as well as difficulty staying committed to long-term goals. But when the family gets together to engage in group activities, this sense of boredom quickly disappears, leading to a whole other host of benefits.

Promotes Positive Behavior

Image of our younger guests enjoying some outdoor activities on the sandy beaches outside their lake cabin rentals in the Texas Hill Country. Willow Point is the best family friendly resort in Texas.

It turns out that quality time spent with family leads to positive behavior in children and adolescents. Strong, loving relationships set the foundation a child needs for healthy development. As these kids get older, they know they can count on their family for support. Studies show that children who spend more time with their families are less likely to experiment with substances, perform better in school, and are not as likely to get into trouble with the law later in life.

Strengthens Family Bonding

Image of guests under the Willow tree at our lakeside property on Lake Buchanan in the Texas Hill Country - Best lake cabins in Texas

As parents, there’s no better gift we can give our children than some quality time spent together. In fact, studies have shown that group activities done with family can create strong emotional bonds, as well as help families adapt to different situations. Activities like hiking, traveling, and even watching movies together can all help family members build stronger ties with one another. 

6 Ways To Spend Quality Time Together at Willow Point Resort

Image of guests swimming in the lake at our Texas cabin rentals in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Best family friendly cabin rentals in Texas are here at Willow Point

At our Lake cabins in Texas, we love bringing families together. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where families can disconnect from their busy lives and enjoy each other’s company. Every detail, from how we built our Lake Buchanan cabins to the amenities we offer, is meant to facilitate this environment so you can enjoy more time together. Here are a few ideas for how you can have family fun during your stay at Willow Point Resort:

1. Go for a Hike

Fortunately, our Lake Buchanan cabins are surrounded by some of the best nature the Texas Hill Country has to offer. Nearby parks like Inks Lake State Park and Enchanted Rock are perfect for a day of hiking with the kids. Exploring nature will help reignite their imagination in a fun, family-friendly outdoor environment.

2. Play a Game

Whether it’s a volleyball match or board games in our clubhouse, playing games together is a fantastic way to bond as a family. Research shows that play is essential in childhood development. Playing with your children shows them you are fully engaged, which helps them to build strong relationships with others. With so many games and activities at our Lake cabins in Texas, there’s no shortage of opportunities for children and parents to play together.

3. Have a Family Dinner

According to an American College of Pediatricians study, family meals benefit children. This includes better academic performance, healthier dietary patterns, less emotional stress, and improved family relations, among other benefits. Making family dinners a priority is beneficial to everyone. Gather ‘round your lakeside picnic table and reconnect with one another over a delicious meal.

4. Explore a New Place

One of our favorite places for families to explore is nearby Longhorn Caverns State Park. Equal parts education and exploration, the Longhorn Caverns guided walking tour is an adventurous activity that the kids will love. You’ll have the chance to admire the caves up close while learning about the history and geology of the once-ancient river.

5. Go Fishing

Fishing is a beautiful way to have fun together as a family. At Willow Point’s Lake cabins in Texas, you can bring your equipment and fish lakeside just outside your cabin door. Feeling more adventurous? Take a fishing trip with our recommended local guides. Whatever you decide, working with your kids to reel in a fish or watching as they hook their own will bring everyone closer together.

6. Spend Time on the Water

From pontoon boats to kayaks to jet skis, nothing beats some fun on the water, especially in the summer heat. Our exclusive boat rentals make spending time together on the water easy. Whether the kids are looking for an adrenaline rush or a relaxing day alongside the whole family, we have something every family can enjoy.

Enjoy a Family-Friendly Trip to Our Lake Buchanan Cabins

Ready to make this Summer extra special for your kiddos? A visit to Willow Point’s Lake cabins in Texas is the perfect way to bring your family together and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether for a few days or an entire week, spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and find new ways to reconnect with your family. Call us at (512) 793-5000 to make your reservation today!

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