3 Best Texas Hill Country Winter Activities

Image of Lake Buchanan taken by one of our guests. There are plenty of texas hill country winter activities to be enjoyed at our family-friendly lake resort!

Time at the lake is not just for the spring and summer months. There’s still plenty of fun to be had during the wintertime (December-February) at our Texas hill country lake resort! 

Texas “winters” are relatively mild, pleasant, and offer a much-needed reprieve from the grueling Texas heat that takes over during the summer months. 

This time of year can be considered one of the most pleasant times to get out and enjoy nature while also avoiding the crowds that flock to the Texas hill country during the spring and summer months. 

Here are the three best Texas hill country winter activities that can be enjoyed at our lake resort and in the surrounding area! 

1. R&R

Our family-friendly resort offers private lakeside Texas cabin rentals that are the perfect place to disconnect and renew your spirit. Rest assured, we’re taking all of the necessary precautions to ensure our guests’ health and safety. You can read more about the current COVID procedures we have in place here

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve had many guests tell us that “it feels like COVID doesn’t exist here” and that our resort has helped them renew both their spirits and mental health. 

Although this time of year may not have you wanting to jump in the lake, the cool temperatures and abundance of sunny winter days allow for plenty of other outdoor activities to be enjoyed during your wintertime stay at Willow Point. 

Enjoy some of the best Texas hill country winter activities right here on our grounds: kayakingcanoeing, afternoon strolls along the beach, basketball, a round of horseshoes, hammock reading, campfires, s’more roasting, sunrise and sunset watching, and stargazing. 

2. Hiking & Biking

Our Texas lake cabins are near some of the most fabulous hiking trails in the Texas hill country. Hiking and biking are some of the best Texas Hill Country winter activities guests can enjoy when visiting during the wintertime season. 

Be sure to visit Inks Lake for a fun day of hiking. Boasting 9 miles of hiking trails through shady forests and across rocky hills, they also have routes suitable for the whole family like Pecan Flats, a self-guided 3.3-mile trail. 

Prefer to enjoy nature at a faster pace? There are plenty of nearby cycling routes for guests to take advantage of during their time with us. The Lake Buchanan Inks Lake Chamber of Commerce published this great list that includes runs in Lake Buchanan and nearby Kingston and Burnet. 

3. Wine Tasting

Image of patio at Torr Na Lochs. One of several great nearby wineries open to the public year-round!One of the best Texas hill country winter activities for those 21+ is tasting delicious Texas wines at nearby local wineries. 

Guests enjoy breathtaking hill country views in a relaxed and casual setting. Open year-round; the wintertime months offer a much less crowded and comfortable wine-tasting experience. 

Some of our favorite nearby vineyards are Torr Na LochsPerissos VineyardFall Creek Vineyards, and 7 Creeks

Each offers a unique ambiance and a variety of 100% Texas grown wines to sip and enjoy. There’s absolutely something for every palette! 

Image of lake chairs by the water at our family-friendly lake resort in Texas!Another incentive for staying at Willow Point during the winter months (Dec-Feb) is it gives guests a chance to enjoy our lowest rates of the season! Get your private, fully-equipped, 6-person lake cabin at a great rate! 

With the global COVID-19 pandemic still impacting our daily lives and routines, a safe winter lake escape is sure to provide rest, relief, and comfort during these challenging times. 

For online reservations, click here or call us at 512-793-5000 between 8-6 CST hours. 

We look forward to your stay,
Bryan and Gwen Carpenter

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