Vacation Spots in Texas with Water: Beat the Heat this Summer

Image of guests paddleboarding from the sandy beach at our lake resort.

With temperatures continuing to climb, the thought of spending any time outside and enjoying it is starting to become a distant memory. 

Summer is in full swing, and we know it’s only getting hotter. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sit around inside all day. You can still get out of the AC and safely enjoy vacation spots in Texas with water!

Keep reading for tips and things you can do to get out and get in on some Texas summer fun!

Stay Hydrated & Stay Cool

The first and most simple recommendation we can make when enjoying newfound vacation spots in Texas with water is to make sure you stay hydrated (AKA drink LOTS of water) while spending time outside. 

A simple trick to help you know how much water to have on hand is the 10×10 rule. That’s 10 oz of water (a little more than a cup) about every 10 minutes. Pack an ice chest, Camelback, or, if you’re staying with us, use the refrigerator inside your private lake cabin to keep your water cool and readily available. 

Image of cabin exterior and personal lawn area in front

Other things you can do to beat the heat include wearing light-colored clothing, hats, sunglasses, and having a shaded place to escape the sun! 

The sandy beach in front of our lake cabins gives guests ample space for things like shade canopies and umbrellas.

You are welcome and encouraged to bring them during your summer stay at Willow Point!

You’re on a Boat! 

If you are looking to beat the Texas summer heat but see yourself as a more “adventurous” type, taking a trip out on the water is another excellent way to stay cool while having fun!

Our resort gets recommended to those searching for vacation spots in Texas with water because our location and amenities make it easy to have a great time!

Image of boat rentals and chairs in the water at Willow Point

Boat rentals of paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, pontoon boats, floating lily pads, and jet skis are offered daily and exclusively for Willow Point guests! 

Gather up your family or friends and head out on Lake Buchanan. As the second largest of the Highland Lakes. There’s plenty of room to get out, explore, and discover new places to stop off and take a dip! 

The Water is Your Friend

Speaking of taking a dip, swimming is truly an excellent way to stay cool and comfortable while spending time outside. (Yes, you still need to be drinking plenty of water.) Luckily, swimmers who stay at our resort have access to one of the best vacation spots in Texas with water!

Willow Point guests enjoy access to a private, sandy, and shallow beachfront directly in front of their private lake cabin! 

Our cabins were built around a peninsula, offering panoramic lake views while creating an ideal wading and swimming area for kids and adults alike! 

Image of Willow Point guests enjoying Lake Buchanan.

Bring your beach chairs, set up a table, umbrella, canopy, rent our floating lily pad, or bring your floaties! 

Whatever way you like to enjoy the water. We have what you need or encourage you to bring what will allow you to get the most out of our swimming areas! 

Watch the Night Sky

If you can’t bear the thought of being outside during peak afternoon temperatures, you’re in luck!

Texas summers are known for their warmer nights and provide a comfortable outside atmosphere after the sun goes down. 

What makes these summer nights even better is when you find yourself at a location that offers dark enough skies to see those amazing twinkling lights. *Hint Hint*

When searching for the best vacation spots in Texas with water. Consider a place that’s far enough from the city lights to enjoy a little stargazing, like ours.

If stargazing is REALLY your thing, Willow Point is located near several amazing observatories and parks that offer stargazing events.

Experience One of the Best Vacation Spots in Texas with Water Here at Willow Point!

Summer is not over, and we’ve still got cabins available to help you stay cool during the hottest time of the year!

Check current cabin availability by clicking here or call us at 512-793-5000 to make your reservation. We look forward to having you!

Bryan & Gwen Carpenter

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