“Christmas Getaways for Families” An Ode to a Classic Google Search

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Oh, the holidays. That time of year when it feels like you make it through one family gathering only to find yourself on the front lines of the next one! 

After the last casserole dish is washed and put away, you sneak off to a quiet place, grab your phone, open your browser and search “Christmas Getaways for Families.” 

We get it. Hosting holiday family gatherings is a lot of work. What’s “supposed” to be a joyous time of breaking bread and family bonding can quickly spiral out of control!

Between the menu planning, decorating, table setting, cooking, and cleaning. The to-do list seems never-ending, and the pressure can affect the entire household.

Maybe, despite all the added stress, you couldn’t picture going through a single holiday season without doing all the things! It’s what fills your cup. This blog isn’t for you. 

This blog is for the ones who get hives at the thought of another kitchen sink full of dishes after a holiday meal. Or, the ones who started their “Christmas Getaways for Families” search in July because they knew they only had one family gathering in them this year. 

We see you, and we’re here to help. So, take a deep breath. Keep reading. We’ve got the perfect place to go for your “Christmas Getaways for Families” search. PS it’s closer than you think! 

A New Christmas Tradition

Don’t get us wrong; we love family gatherings! We’re all for quality time together. However, the stress of planning the perfect holiday gathering can often make the “gathering part” less enjoyable. 

If you need a break or are in the market for a new Christmas tradition with your family, you’re in luck! Willow Point is a beautiful place to get into the Christmas spirit. 

Image of the exterior of lake cabin 9 at Willow Point

Our resort is a premiere lakeside oasis in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Imagine waking up Christmas morning to the sounds of waves hitting the shore. The kids bypass the presents you brought along to run outside in their PJs and chase the geese off the beach. You fill your coffee mug, grab a big blanket, and find a cozy spot on the covered porch to soak in the view. 

Can you picture it? That is exactly what you envisioned while searching for “Christmas Getaways for Families.” 

Image of the kitchen area inside our Texas lake cabins

Suppose holiday food is one of your favorite parts of the season; great! Each lake cabin rental comes with full-sized appliances and all the cookware and utensils required to enjoy a nice warm meal. 

After the battle for the last cinnamon bun ends in an amicable split, you take a family stroll around the grounds and end up in the shared clubhouse for another round of Sorry! (Not, sorry!) Followed by a bag of popcorn and everyone’s favorite, It’s A Wonderful Life. 

Do you hear it? That’s the sound of joy and relaxation. No piles of dishes or overflowing trash bins staring at you menacingly from the kitchen. No fighting or sounds of glass shattering in the distance. Not a vacuum in sight. Just you and your family enjoying a beautiful Christmas getaway. 

Holiday Travel Made Easy

Another perk of a lakeside Christmas? This getaway requires no planes or trains! Forget the crowds, parking nightmares, security lines, and overpriced airport fare. Willow Point lies just outside Burnet, TX, an hour and a half west of Austin. (An adorable little town that knows how to get in the Christmas spirit. You can read more about that here.) An easy and scenic drive (made even more memorable) this time of year. (You can enjoy the Christmas lights along Hwy 29.)

Image of the grounds decorated for the holiday season at our Texas lake resort

We’ve hosted countless families for Christmas getaways, and we can’t count how many guests have told us it was their favorite way to celebrate. A new family tradition, born on the shores of Lake Buchanan! We love it.

So, if you’re looking for an “untraditional” Christmas option or searching for the best “Christmas Getaways for Families,” look no further! Consider a lakeside Christmas this year and have no regrets. 

Reservations can be made online or by calling 512-793-5000.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
Bryan & Gwen 

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