Point of Interest: Colorado Bend State Park

Colorado Bend State Park - Hill Country vacation rental

Located less than an hour away from Willow Point Resort, Colorado Bend State Park transports you to an outdoor oasis. The park offers you the opportunity to camp, hike, mountain bike, fish, cave, swim, bird watch, and take guided tours. You can even reach Colorado Bend State Park by water on Lake Buchanan.

Since water levels are back to restored height, large water-crafts are able to traverse through the Colorado River. Since there is so much to do and see, we’ve decided to outline some of the main attractions around the stunning state park.

Here’s some useful information about Colorado Bend State Park

Guided Tours

If you want to get a more hands on experience and learn from the park rangers about the facts and history of the area, taking a guided tour is your best bet. With an excellent guide you’ll feel like you’re learning all of the hidden secrets and will have plenty to share once you’ve returned back to Willow Point.

Gorman Falls Tour

Lasting about 2 hours long and 1.5 miles in total, the Gorman Falls Tour is an incredible way to experience this hiking trail. It also provides an in-depth look at Gorman Falls.

Wild Cave Tours

Uncover what lies beneath the ground of Colorado Bend State Park with a cave tour. Make sure you’re not afraid of tight spaces or getting dirty, as you bound to crawl around and explore. This is a great way to see Texas Hill Country from a different perspective.

Hiking/Biking Trails

With over 35 miles of hiking and biking trails, you’re bound to find a route that suits your comfort level. With picturesque landscape surrounding you at all times, these trails feel more like an adventure and less like exercise.

Some of the most popular trails are: Spicewood Springs, Gorman Falls, and River. All of these offer vantage points in various water formations that will be tempting to plunge in if the temperature starts to rise.

Water Activities


If casting a reel on the shore and relaxing is your thing, then Colorado Bend State Park won’t disappoint. With no need for a fishing license, simply show up and start fishing.


Spicewood Springs swimming hole is a breath taking sight to look at, let alone swim in. When the weather is warm and you’ve been exploring the park all day, a plunge into this water is exactly what you need.

Whatever you outdoor urge is, you can rest assured that it will be met at Colorado Bend State Park. So if you plan to stay at Willow Point Resort, make sure to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings!

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