6 Incredible Texas Hill Country Bike Trails

Image of Lake Buchanan sunset in the Texas Hill Country. Best lake views in Texas

At Willow Point Resort, we love when our guests take advantage of Texas Hill Country’s outdoor delights. So while it may be winter here in our neck of the woods, that’s a term used very loosely. Compared to other parts of the country like the midwest, our wintertime is nonexistent. To be honest, we Texans might take that for granted at times. That’s why we felt the need to let you know about our favorite Texas Hill Country bike trails.

We touched on this topic very briefly in one of our last blogs but then realized that did not do this activity justice. As winter time is fairly laughable as far as actual coldness is concerned, we felt invigorated to share reasons why people should be outside. Whenever we hear about the brutal snow storms happening elsewhere, we feel a little guilty if we don’t head outside for a couple hours.

Here are our favorite Texas Hill Country bike trails

McKinney Falls State Park

lower-mckinney-fallsWhether you want to mountain bike or go on an easy trail ride, McKinney Falls State Park is a great option. Offering 3.5 miles of paved trails and 6 miles suited for mountain biking, this beautiful Austin-area bike trail is a great way to spend the day.

Pedernales Falls State Park

pedernales_falls_state_park_texas_dsc_0098_ed_adSituated along the Pedernales River, this 20-mile bike ride is quite a special trail in the Texas Hill Country. With easy to intermediate level trails along the path, you can pick what type of mountain biking you feel inclined to do that day.

Hill Country Flyer Challenge

Starting at the downtown Burnet train depot, this 56-mile ride is for those people looking to really test their endurance. This is a great trail best done during the winter so that the summer heat doesn’t exhaust you.

Longhorn Caverns State Park Trail

longhorn cavernThis trail traverses 40 miles through Burnet and eventually leads you past Longhorn Cavern State Park. Feel free to use this bike ride as a double daytime activity and take a guided tour through the cave to view all of the geological anomalies and historical context.

Canyon of Eagles Loop Trail

Texas hill countryThis trail is right in our backyard. Starting at the top of Lake Buchanan, this trail is perfect for those visiting Willow Point that wants a different view of the lake while staying outside.

Inks Lake State Park Trail

texas hill countryPractically adjacent to Buchanan Dam, Inks Lake State Park is a great place to spend the day. Add that with a scenic bike ride and you can truly explore the surrounding area. Follow the granite outcroppings and spectacular Inks Lake along your bike ride.

So while people may be hesitant to visit during the winter because it’s not as warm as the summer, keep in mind there are some activities best done this time of the year! Head over to Texas Hill Country for great bike trails and then relax at Willow Point Resort as you’re done.

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