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Plan the Perfect
Valentines Day
at the Lake

You’ve tried it all—the chocolate covered strawberries, homemade picture frames, bouquets of roses, jewelry, fancy bottles of champagne… The list goes on and on. It seems that every year around Valentine’s Day we’re bombarded with all the latest gifts and romantic tidbits we need to buy for our partner. But after the chocolate has been devoured and the last drop of wine has been sipped. What is left to remember? The memory of the experience and time spent together—smiling, laughing, and falling more in love. This is what Valentine’s Day is truly about!

In order to plan a celebration that beats all the years past, the solution is easy! When it comes to Valentine’s Day ideas for you and your partner. There’s no better gift than the gift of quality time. Here at Willow Point Resort, we offer a setting for romantic weekend getaways in Texas. Here, loved ones can relax and bond in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. While we’ll take any excuse to shower a special someone with love, Valentine’s Day is a time we look forward to every year.

At one of our romantic cabins in Texas, you and your partner can enjoy privacy and tranquility. No distractions, interruptions, or overpriced bottles of champagne. To help you with your planning, we’ve compiled all the reasons why Willow Point Resort is the perfect destination for your Valentine’s Day!

Relax in a Peaceful and Quiet Setting

Image of a couple holding hands at the best cabin rentals in Texas near Lake Buchanan.

While the rest of the world is stuck inside a big and noisy city. You and your significant other can retreat to a cozy romantic Texas cabin among rolling hills and lakeside tranquility. There are few things more romantic than running away to your own little paradise.

Around Valentine’s Day, our resort transforms into a peaceful and quiet oasis. Children are in school, so most of our cabins are booked by couples who want a calm vacation. With the lack of noise and disruptions, it’s easy for you and your loved one to enjoy a romantic canoe trip around the lake or private hike in the surrounding Texas Hill Country. Many couples love taking an evening stroll hand-in-hand along Lake Buchanan’s beach. Whatever your activity of choice, you’ll enjoy it uninterrupted.

Spending time together in nature is a truly inspiring setting. Holding hands and breathing in fresh air reduces stress and clears the mind. Nature has a magical ability to make our problems slip away and our true priorities come to light.

Even more, the level of intimacy you experience alone in nature will allow you and your partner to get to know one another on a deeper level. Long conversations, laughter, and plenty of reminiscing will take your relationship to a new level; it’s hard to imagine Valentine’s Day ideas for you and your partner more romantic than that.

Enjoy Romantic Cabins in Texas Right on the Water

Image of our Hill Country Resort property. Our lake cabin rentals are situated on the shores of Lake Buchanan. Open 365 days a year check out our rates page for more information on pricing. Willow Point has the best cabin rentals in Texas.

After a long day of activities and relaxation in the Texas Hill Country, you and your loved one can retreat to your own private cabin, nestled along the lakeside. All eleven of our cabins at Willow Point Resort are located within 25-feet of the water’s edge. More so, we’ve designed them at an angle so that each front door opens towards the water, but offers maximum privacy from the neighbors.

Each of our Texas lake cabin rentals come equipped with its own picnic table and charcoal grill, meaning you can organize a private picnic without worrying about fellow couples stealing your space. You’ll also be treated to a full kitchen and front porch facing the lake. When planning romantic weekend getaways in Texas, there are few things better than sitting on your own porch with a nice bottle of wine with your loved one as the sun sets. While Lake Buchanan comes alive in shades of orange and red, you two will feel grateful to be sitting alone in nature, away from the distractions of home.

Reserving a private cabin also gives you and your loved one the opportunity to pamper yourselves. When it comes to Valentine’s Day ideas for a wife, there are a few things that make a woman happier than some much-needed self-care time. Sleep in, take a hot shower, enjoy a hot cup of coffee without yelling children in the background, take an afternoon nap, pour a glass of wine… all of this without any schedule. There is nowhere you need to be and no deadlines to meet. You and your partner will leave these romantic getaways in Texas feeling recharged and even more in love than when you arrived.

Disconnect From the Rest of the World

Image of guests enjoying our romantic lake cabins in Texas are here at Willow Point Resort

While it might seem tempting to organize a romantic “staycation” at home, there’s one major issue this presents: it’s nearly impossible to disconnect from technology. As long as your phone or computer is nearby, you’ll feel tempted to check your emails, respond to text messages, or answer phone calls. Any moment spent connecting to technology is a moment lost with your loved one.

The easiest solution? Escape to a lake cabin rental in nature. Unlike a big city hotel, you’ll be far more likely to put the phone aside and enjoy the perks of being outdoors. With the abundance of activities that Willow Point and the Texas Hill Country have to offer, you won’t miss your smart device for a second.

Even more, our private cabins at Willow Point Resort have no WiFi or TVs. It’s amazing how easy it is for us to unplug when there is no temptation. Out of sight, out of mind. Instead of turning on the TV while you fall asleep, you can use the time to reflect on your day. Listen to your favorite songs, or reminisce on past holidays. And don’t worry—for moments when you absolutely have to connect, our Club House offers free WiFi and two TV rooms.

Cook a Romantic Dinner

Instead of taking your partner out for an overpriced meal at the newest and trendiest local restaurant. (where you’ll likely spend $50 too much on a cut of steak and bottle of wine), consider cooking your own romantic meal from the comfort of your cozy Texas cabin rental.

Each lake cabin at Willow Point Resort has a fully-equipped kitchen with dishes, tableware, and cooking utensils. Valentine’s Day is all about kind gestures and nothing says “I love you” like cooking your partner’s favorite meal. The effort and love that goes into making it represents your commitment to the relationship. While it’s easy to call up a restaurant and make a reservation, it takes compassion and time to decide on a meal, buy the ingredients and put it all together. We guarantee that dinners inside these romantic cabins in Texas will make your loved one feel extremely grateful to have such a thoughtful partner.

For those clear, starry nights, you and your partner can cook over your own private charcoal grill. Since we’re located far from any big cities, the stars come alive at night. Pour two glasses of champagne, cue the Barry White, and enjoy the sound of steaks sizzling on the BBQ.

Visit a Nearby Winery

What says romance more than a date to a local vineyard? If you said nothing, then you know more about planning the perfect Valentine’s Day than you give yourself credit for! Luckily, the Texas Hill Country is home to 53 wineries. Making it the third-largest American viticulture area—bigger than any territories in California! And even better, Willow Point Resort is located within a 20-minute drive of several fantastic vineyards. Our personal favorites are Torr Na Lochs Vineyard & Winery, Perissos Vineyards, and Fall Creek Vineyards.

To make the day even more romantic, consider packing your own picnic with your partner’s favorite cheeses and fruits. He or she will be thoroughly impressed when they see you pull a French Mimolette or Truffle Tremor out of your picnic basket. P.S. Don’t forget the chocolate!

After tasting the local varieties at the winery, choose your favorite bottle and bring it back to your Texas lake cabin rental. As you cook dinner, you can savor every sip of the bottle and save the last glass to pair with your meal.

It’s a Quick and Scenic Drive to Reach our Resort

Willow Point Resort is located just under 75-minutes from Austin and only two hours from San Antonio! Better yet, the drive is absolutely beautiful. You’ll pass through miles and miles of the Texas Hill Country, one of the most picturesque regions in the state. Its small towns and two-lane roads are filled with rivers winding through bald cypress trees, sparkling lakes, and limestone canyons. You’ll also pass through cute German towns brimming with historic charm. Along the drive, stop for lunch at one of the local cafes. You’ll set the romantic tone before even arriving at Willow Point Resort’s front doors.

If you’re not already sold, try to think about the last time you and your partner had two hours without distractions. (No kids yelling in the back seat or phones ringing.) And you could just enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes we go months without setting aside time for a deep conversation and remembering why we fell in love. Road trips through beautiful scenery provide the perfect excuse to just talk to each other. And, with such inspirational surroundings, you’ll be feeling appreciative of life, all your blessings, and, of course, your loved ones while driving to Willow Point Resort.

Reserve Your Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaway Today!

Romantic cabins in Texas, long walks on the beach, no crying children—If this sounds like your kind of Valentine’s Day getaway, then we can’t wait to speak with you! Give us a call at (512) 793-5000 or use our online booking system to reserve your spot at Willow Point Resort.

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